Does David Lee Roth Have Any Children?

David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth became famous after joining Van Halen, a rock band in which he was the lead singer. However, his vocal talent is not the only thing that made him popular; the man loved beautiful women and even confessed to sleeping with every pretty lady he could get.

Therefore, the reputation has got many people wondering if the musician got any children from the numerous love affairs. Well, it seems that even Roth does not know for sure if he has any children out there; thus, even after two women claimed to be David Lee Roth’s daughters, he has never confirmed or denied.

Let’s tell you more about the children and why the musician never wants to get married.

Brenna Lee Roth

Roth may not be married, but his love for pretty ladies yielded three kids, according to one of his children, Brenna. She was interviewed by VH Links and disclosed that the musician has three children, one of whom is a son whose name she does not know because their father does not like getting into details about his past sexual encounters.

Still, she revealed that Roth does not mind helping her find her footing in the entertainment industry, referring to him as more of a friend than a father.

Their bond was severed when Brenna’s mother moved her to Ohio when she was only three years old. Her mother remarried and settled down in Ohio, but Brenna knew from the beginning that Roth was her biological father and did not mind using his surname.

Unfortunately, it resulted in her schoolmates becoming friends with her, only because the famous musician was her father. Roth may not have been involved in his daughter’s life, but the passion for entertainment is hereditary.

Brenna as a child wanted to be an athlete, but by the time she was eight, she had started her career in modeling. She has even appeared in a few low-budget films. However, despite claiming to be Roth’s daughter, the musician is unsure.

Therefore, according to eCelebrity Mirror, when Roth interviewed Brenna in 2006 during one of his talk shows, he introduced her as someone who claimed to be his daughter, and he would not deny it. Still, for someone with means, it would be easy to have a DNA test done on Brenna to prove she is his biological daughter, but Roth does not bother meaning he knows there is a high chance he sired her.

Avy Lee Roth

When Brenna was 12, she knew that she had a sister, Avy, but the two never met until 2004. The two ladies had instant chemistry and shared a love for entertaining people. However, while Brenna stuck to the decent profession of modeling and acting, Avy decided to go into the adult film industry.

Still, Brenna never judged her sister for it; instead, she said Avy’s talents go beyond posing for the cameras while naked. Brenna believes her sister is a natural entertainer and can do many different things in the entertainment industry. Perhaps Avy believes so too because she retired from the pornography industry.

While the claims of Brenna being Roth’s daughter have never been cast aside as being untrue, Avy’s are met with criticism. Most people believe she can’t be the musician’s daughter, the doubts stemming from the fact that Van Halen has never performed in Spain where Avy says Roth met her mother.

Others believe she is too beautiful to be Roth’s daughter, but whatever the case, the musician has also never denied the claims nor sued her for using his name.

She may not have Roth’s looks, but she inherited his love for music because there were rumors that she would spend time singing in her own band when she was not acting.

Why Roth Never Married

In 2013, Roth said that despite being in love with a Japanese girl half his age, he was not interested in marriage. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the musician said marriage is not for him due to his past issues.

He said that his mother once told him he was an accident, and since his parents were always fighting, Roth thinks poorly about marriage. They divorced when the singer was 17, and the family was torn apart; he lived with his father while his two sisters were left with their mother.

Before the divorce, the singer confessed to having left the family spiritually at 12. Perhaps being told he was an accident could also be the reason why he never publicly disputes those who claim to be his children because he would not want them thinking they are accidents too.

He was always a ladies man

As far as his past is concerned, Roth remembers being a ladies’ man since fourth grade. He told Van Halen News Desk that he would sit in front of Laurie’s house because he had a crush on her, and hoped she would notice him.

At 13, Roth had moved on to noticing a girl, Janine Scott, from a rich family. To impress her, he worked at a stable shoveling horse feces to make money. His efforts were rewarded with a kiss, which was his first.

A year later, he had graduated from kissing to having sex with girls much older than him; the first time was with Elaine, who was four years his senior. After becoming a rock band member, Roth was spoilt for choice.

He could have any woman he wanted, so he did not mind even sleeping with an amputee. Despite the many sexual encounters, he developed feelings for a few women. He admitted to having fallen in love four times but never to the point of getting married.

Although the four women have moved on and gotten married, their memory remains intact because the lines on his forehead are named after them. With such a reputation for the ladies, it is incredible that only two people have come forward claiming to be his children.

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