Gina Carano is No Longer Employed By ‘The Mandalorian’ Studio

We mentioned Gina Carano with her social media posts in another news and today we are giving you the news of why and how she got fired by the production company. Due to the actress’s social media posts, Lucasfilm, the production company of ‘The Mandalorian’ released a statement this Wednesday.

Here are the following statements: 

“Gina Carano is currently not employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

What did Gina Carano do?

Gina Carano shared a TikTok post comparing the current political climate in the U.S. to Nazi Germany.

She wrote: “Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews. The government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views.”

Another photo on Carano’s Instagram story featured a person with masks covering their face and head with the caption:

“Meanwhile in California.” Both posts were deleted from her Instagram today, but people reposted them. Carano and her supporters attempted to get the hashtag #weloveginacarano to trend on Twitter. Carano retweeted the post below on her account.

The hashtag #FireGinaCarano began trending. People on social media started tagging ‘The Mandalorian‘ creator Jon Favreau, Disney, Disney+, Star Wars, and Lucasfilm.

Since Lucasfilm made an explanation on how they will not be working with Gina Carano, fans are wondering who will take her place. They didn’t make a statement on what the future holds. We will keep you updated if there happens to be a recasting in the near future.

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