10 Things You Didn’t Know about Goldlink


Goldlink is an American rapper who rose to fame after releasing his debut album “The God Complex. It attracted a lot of attention from fans and fellow artists. Read more about this famous rapper. Here are 10 things I bet you didn’t know about him.

1. Birth and family

On Monday 17th May 1993, D’Anthony William Carlos popularly known for his stage name Goldlink was born. While his Zodiac Sign is Taurus. He is an American rapper, a singer, and a songwriter. His father was a park and recreational worker while his mother was a secretary at a law firm, his parents separated when he was young and after the separation, Goldlink relocated with his mother to Bowie, Maryland. They later settled in Virginia. Goldlink further went on to graduate from Hayfield Secondary School located in Alexandria, Virginia, according to his biography on Wikipedia.

2. Early life

Growing up and as a teenager, Goldlink was surrounded by his peers who would host rap battles. He is an introvert so he would just sit on the sidelines and watch them battle. He began writing music for fun, although in the beginning, he did all this for self-pleasure, his lyrical ability surpassed his peers. He was brought up with humble beginnings and in some of his songs, he outlines the struggles he went through growing up. This is according to Forbes.

3. His dating life

Goldlink tends to keep his love life low-key but in recent months Justine Skye an American singer, rapper, songwriter, model, and actress posted on her Instagram page that the two are a thing. Justin was previously in an abusive relationship which Goldlink talks about in a song he released titled Justine’s interlude. He goes on to rebuke the man who responded without mentioning the name of the man.

4. Scandals associated with him

Goldlink has been in hot soap after a post that he posted about Mac Miller where fans and other artists think of him not respecting Mac Miller after bringing out the issues they had between them before Mac Miller’s death. Since the poor guy is dead and cannot defend himself or tell the truth about what transpired between them it is seen as of no use for Goldlink to go to his Instagram account and post about the reason why their friendship was not all so well with Mac. He, however, acknowledged Mac as his brother and friend in the same letter he addressed.

5. Beginning his musical career

Goldlink started rapping after finishing high school, at this point all he wanted was to rap, make money and figure out his life, it wasn’t an easy journey as he thought his parents didn’t love him and no one cared about him. According to Complex, Goldlink made the decision of becoming a rapper and kicked off his journey into the career without knowing anything, he was determined to dive into the industry and eager to learn as he proceeds. Later in 2012, he was given a chance by a local D.C. studio Indie Media Lab, that was starting a program to look for talent and Goldlink emerged as one of the people who had a natural talent and had potential. Goldlink was given a chance to record for free and is now a manager. Yagezu Henny took a gamble and backed him up for how talented Goldlink was. His career journey began from then on and he kept pressing on. Finally, he released music that hit the airwaves and he became famous and fans like his songs.

6. Breakthroughs in his career

Goldlink’s songs and most albums are based on his life and experiences that make him stand out and be unique. In 2014 he released his album “The God Complex .” Afterward, he received tons of fans, and therefore the platform was now his to keep them entertained. This went very well with him as the song was ranked at number 7 among the Top 10 mixtapes of 2014, it was rated 7.9 by Pitchfork Media. His music has been seen hitting higher and higher as he progressed into the industry, in 2015 he was named a member of the XXL Freshman class. He has been in the frontline receiving back what he was sowed and worked hard for.

8. Current position in the musical field

As we all understand how the industry goes and how celebrities hit and go missing for a while before resurfacing back to the limelight again, something is so different with Goldlink his energy, the way he runs his music, what he gives to his fans and even his survival in the industry has amazed most. He hit the waves of the music industry as green as ever but he has stacked to it and he is among the most influential musicians and rappers in America and internationally. He has kept from showing his negative side and he has kept his profile clean with few scandals. He is currently focusing on his career and promises his fans to give them more of his music as time goes.

9. His net worth

Goldlink’s net worth has been majorly influenced by his career in the music industry, he has received several awards and nominations which has increased his net worth for 7 years in the industry. He has released several albums, singles, and collaborations that have hit the music industry with a huge wave. His net worth is $2 million. He worked hard for all this as nothing was served to him on a silver platter, from a humble beginning to where he is now in life. His lifestyle and house add to his net worth.

10. Awards and nominations

Goldlink has had two Grammy award nominations. In 2018 he was nominated for Best Rap/Sung Performance for “Crew” by Grammy Awards and in 2019 he got nominated again in the same category for “Like I Do” although he was not taken any trophy he home he express how happy he was for being nominated in an interview, according to GQ. In 2081 he was also a nominee of the iHeartRadio Music Awards for the category of the Best New Hip-Hop Artist and Bet Awards as the best new artist. Goldlink released the song “Justine’s Interlude” which pays homage to his friend Justine Skye who underwent abuse from his former boyfriend. He advocates for shielding women against violence or any other sort of abuse against them.

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