The 10 Best Joyner Lucas Songs of All Time

Gary Maurice Lucas, who goes by the stage name Joyner Lucas, believed he was dumb as a kid after being diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). However, with time, he came to embrace the disorder as part of him and even named an album after it. The rapper is known for speaking candidly about what he believes in and perhaps this trait is what sets him apart from other musicians. He prides himself on being musically different, and going by these ten best Joyner Lucas songs, we are obliged to agree; check them out.

10. Snitch

If you have ever had to be interrogated by the police or anyone in authority, then this song is relatable. You sit on the other side of the table as two people playing good and bad cop come at you urging you to tell the truth. Lucas begins the song with a verse about a cop who is making it clear what the detainee is facing. In the second verse, the bad cop comes into play while in the third verse, the good cop takes over. Lucas then tells the consequences of snitching. People have ended up dying and if not, then everyone knows they cannot be trusted to keep secrets.

9. Fall Slowly Featuring Ashanti

Love can be toxic and the song shows how this can be. Lucas teams up with Ashanti and he sings that even if they hurt each other, they still help each other heal. The narrator adds that if the woman ever left him for someone else, he would kill her new man. In the chorus, he says that the woman is bad for him yet even if she tries to leave him, he chases after her. As the lyrics say, the lovebirds have never learned how to self-love because they love the other more than they love themselves.

8. Will

It is amazing how much Lucas looks up to Will Smith that he even wrote this song as a tribute to him. In the song, he references Will’s breakout show “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Lucas also mentions a few films Smith was involved in such as “I, Robot” and “I Am Legend.” The rapper adds that he hopes his son grows up to be like Willow or Jaden, Smith’s children. It is such a beautifully crafted masterpiece that even Smith said he was honored and humbled.

7. Devil’s Work

“Devil’s Work” is such a controversial song with the mention of names as he tells God to take some people and bring back some. Lucas seems to have given the song deep thought probably after witnessing a few good men die so young. So, he reflects even on those who died years ago, such as Tupac. Lucas says God should resurrect him and Suge should die in Tupac’s place. The singer goes ahead to say Donald Trump should die because he has too much power, yet he is a coward. In place of Trump, God should give us back Notorious BIG, and XXXTentacion. In the end, Lucas knows it is the devil’s work because most of the people he is missing have been assassinated.

6. ISIS Featuring Logic

Lucas attempts to educate people about ADHD through this song. The introduction captures what the disorder is all about and how one can tell if another has ADHD. In another bridge, he tells who is likely to get affected by ADHD. In the verses, Lucas has mixed emotions, some about his high school teacher who told him he would never amount to anything. Some are about his relatives who see him like a cash cow and some are for those who chase clout by dissing others.

5. Forever

Lucas disclosed to Billboard that “Forever” is among his top three personal songs and it ranks at No. 1. He said that it captured the emotions he dealt with when his baby mama was pregnant with his son. In the song, Lucas reveals that he was not happy when the woman said she was pregnant because he was not ready to be a father. He told her to get an abortion because they were not getting along, but he adds that it was wrong of him to say the hurtful words.

4. I’m Sorry

According to The Fader, Lucas had witnessed firsthand people being suicidal from his brother’s experience. Later on, most of his friends dealt with depression, and his stepfather’s friend committed suicide. The constant reminder of how fragile mental health can be made him want to make a record about the issue, and the resulting song was “I’m Sorry.”

3. I Love

The song hints at hypocrisy in relationships, when he talks about snakes in his bed that want to lay with him. He then proceeds to rap about being sidelined, which he loves because he does not have to pretend to be what he is not. In the last verse, you can tell he is proud of changes he has undergone, especially going from broke to wealthy. He says that those who say money is not everything should speak for themselves because he can see how much his life has improved since he made his fortune.

2. Gucci Gang

When Lucas released this track, most people thought it was a diss track aimed at Lil Pump who had recorded a song with the same title. In it, Lucas seems to throw jabs at Lil Pump who glorified the abuse of drugs when he said that his woman loved to use cocaine. Lucas responds by saying that all new rappers do not want to talk about anything else but doing drugs and he even wonders they got famous. Whether a diss track or not, “Gucci Gang” still helped Lucas to keep his fans hooked to his songs.

1. I’m Not Racist

This song, which may have rubbed black people the wrong way, earned a Grammy nomination for Best Music Video. Lucas raps that he does not pity black people, but they always seem to use their color, hoping to gain pity. He explains that black people hate the “N” word but have no problem referring to each other using the racist slur. The rapper adds that black people talk about having to endure slavery yet none of those who were slaves are alive today. Despite the strong feelings, Lucas insists he is not racist.

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