Judas Priest Frontman Rob Halford Talks About How He React to Robert Plant

Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford talks about his gender choice. And what’s the reaction he got from Led Zeppelin‘s Robert Plant.

Rob Halford is the one of influential heavy metal vocalists around the world. But in the life of magazines, he has known about his gender choice. Also, last year in September 2020, he comes with his biographical book also titled “Confess: The Autobiography” and you can also found here.

Now he reveals on his latest interview with In the Trenches with Ryan Roxie some details about the talk on Judas Priest opening for Led Zeppelin on A Day on the Gree tour in 1977:

“It’s an intriguing story when you’re a public figure because, again, things start to pile up on you out of your control. You’re carrying this load of obsessions and expectations from other people, and hey, you don’t want to let people down. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you haven’t given the best performance on stage, even though you probably have. That’s natural, that shows how purely you are connected to your work.

So my dilemma, my self-imposed dilemma, was that if I were to come out publicly as a gay man at this point in the career, Priest, for example – it could result in irreparable damage. And I think I led myself to believe that possibility just because I was born and raised in a time when not only in my own country but around the world, gay people were vilified – we were called abnormal, we were called freaks.

So you build all that into the equation, and sure you’re going to be messed up, you’re going to have a very, very difficult time trying to ascertain what is the best thing to do not only for yourself, but for your bandmates, and your record label, and primarily your fans, especially.

Of course, as it turned out in the moment that I came out, the uncertainty that I had floating in my head evaporated because a lot of people went, ‘Duh, dude, we already knew! Hey, man, this is great, live your life as you should, we don’t care, it’s all about the music, it’s all about the show…’ And the most joyous two words in English – or any language – to me, are ‘unconditional love.’ Accept people unconditionally and that’s what I experienced – and that was just a joyous moment.”

You can also watch some Led Zeppelin tour footage below!

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