Grand Theft Auto Online Leak: Is Manhunt Coming To GTA Online?

There was no news from the game ‘Manhunt’, which was banned by many countries. But a leak from GTA Online could change everything.

A leaked data fromGrand Theft Auto Online contains information about ‘Manhunt‘, an old game from Rockstar Games. The appearance of this information sparked controversy on social media. Of course, many Rockstar Games fans were excited about this news, while Manhunt opponents were against it.

Is Manhunt coming back?

A data miner, Gypsy found this data and shared it on his Twitter account.

Gypsy said that GTA Online‘s data includes an arcade ‘Manhunt’ game, and there are weapons and some visuals about the game. If we look at the leaked images, it is not possible for this content to arrive in the near future. Graphics are still missing and texture overlays are incomplete. But one thing is certain that these images are all about ‘Manhunt’.

Until now, there has been no response from Rockstar Games.

What is the Grand Theft Auto Online: Manhunt Game?

The Manhunt game was released by Rockstar Games for the Playstation 2 in 2003. The game is a survival horror game. Set within Carcer City, the story is about James Early Cash, a serial killer.

The game consists of nearly 20 scenes. In every scene, it is necessary to kill the target person in some way. At the end of the stage, the game gives you your kill points. But these killings are truly brutal and brutal. Even some employees of Rockstar Games opposed the game and said that they could not even play the game.

You can see his tweet below.

Why is the Manhunt game banned, in which countries is the game banned?

Manhunt 2 was released in 2007 and has not been seen since then. Because the graphics of violence and murder were really exaggerated and brutalized. After that, many countries sued Rockstar Games. As a result, the game was banned in Australia, Germany, South Korea, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

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