Limp Bizkit member Wes Borland played guitar with a broken hand 

Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland played and completed the concert with his broken hand. The band already continues its 2020 tour.

On yesterday, Limp Bizkit’s Russia shows an interesting event that has happened. Their 2020 tour continues of the European countries. But in Russia, the band’s guitarist shares a post on his Instagram account and that was insane. This happens in Limp Bizkit’s concert in Krasnodar, Russia, on Sunday, February 16th. Wes Borland showed off his fretting hand with a broken hand. This photo is really insane.

Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland wrote this:

“Nailed my first show playing with a recovering broken hand. I can’t express the amount of anxiety I was having leading up to this but three fingers were enough to get the job done and Krasnodar was amazing. Thanks to all my brothers in @limpbizkit for believing in me and my amazing support system including @aliejoboxblock and new costuming by my friends @thewisehatter and @adelemildred for bringing it all together. Big love for Russia. Big love for Krasnodar.”

Also, we can watch the band on their upcoming 2020 summer tour. Limp Bizkit will continue later this year to Inkcarceration Festival. In addition, hits their performances at this summer’s Rock Fest, Rebel Rock Festival and the Rock USA festival.


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