METALLICA shares ‘Big Four’ concert at Yankee Stadium in 2011

METALLICA shares the full ‘Big Four’ concert at Yankee Stadium, New York in 2011. #MetallicaMondays” concert series continues with new live performance.

The 2011 concert in the Bronx, New York City, was the last gig that saw the “Big Four” groups of thrash metal bands. The bands like METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, and ANTHRAX play with the same tour. Also, the band posted each Monday at 8 PM EDT, entire performance from the oldest live performance on their official YouTube channel and Facebook page.

#MetallicaMondays concert series is free and we will be hosting simultaneous fundraisers on each platform benefiting METALLICA‘s ‘All Within My Hands’ organization. All donations will help address food and medical supply during the pandemic. Also, the ‘All Within My Hands’ is working with several partners like Feeding America and Direct Relief.

A two years ago, bassist Robert Trujillo interview

“To be honest, I haven’t heard any conversations about the ‘Big Four,’. We love SLAYER — I love SLAYER; they’re one of my favorite bands. And ANTHRAX is amazing. And that was great what we did a few years back. But I haven’t heard any conversations about that. I mean, obviously, we’re still in the middle of our tour. And I’m not sure what [the other bands] are doing. I know, yeah, SLAYER is definitely on their final tour. I’m not even sure SLAYER’s up for that or what.”

You can watch the METALLICA‘s ‘Big Four’ concert at New York’s Yankee Stadium in 2011 below.

METALLICA – Yankee Stadium, New York in 2011 setlist:

00:03:45 Lars Ulrich Intro
00:09:15 Creeping Death
00:15:19 For Whom the Bell Tolls
00:20:00 Fuel
00:24:17 Ride the Lightning
00:30:43 Kirk Hammett Solo I
00:32:00 Fade to Black
00:40:02 Cyanide
00:46:31 All Nightmare Long
00:56:09 Sad But True
01:01:30 Robert Trujillo Solo
01:02:35 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
01:09:16 Orion
01:17:40 One
01:25:40 Master Of Puppets
01:33:50 Blackened
01:40:16 Kirk Hammett Solo II
01:42:00 Nothing Else Matters
01:47:53 Enter Sandman


01:56:35 Overkill (featuring Kerry King, Dave Lombardo, Gary
Holt, David Ellefson, Chris Broderick, Shawn Drover, Scott Ian, Rob
Caggiano, Frank Bello, Charlie Benante, and Joey Belladonna)
02:05:40 Battery
02:12:00 Seek And Destroy


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