Mr Beast Hidden $100,000 Prize on the Minecraft Game

Mr Beast is one of the top-earnings YouTuber as we are known for his interesting contest and philanthropy videos. He always tries to give back to his followers.

This time he has hidden a total of $100,000 USD prize on Minecraft‘s Dream SMP mode. Dream SMP (formerly known as the Dream Team SMP) is a private and whitelisted survival multiplayer series played by the Dream Team and their YouTuber friends. A lot of the best-known Dream SMP team includes George, Sapnap, Callahan, Alyssa, Awesamdude, Ponk & BadBoyHalo.

On his main YouTube channel, he is known to give away prizes and money to random people and make challenges with him, his friends, or anyone around him in which the winner wins a large sum of money or a prize.

Now, he just announces the new contest includes a huge prize, and said that Twitter: “I hid $100,000 worth of gift cards on the DreamSMP! Good luck!”

He also added: “$50,000 of which are in books for the winner to show on stream to their viewers ;)”

Mr Beast Hidden $100,000 Prize on the Minecraft Game
Mr Beast

Total List of Mr Beast Hidden Prize on Dream SMP

  • $10,000 Best Buy
  • $10,000 GameStop
  • $10,000 Hardee’s
  • $10,000 Taco Bell
  • $10,000 Amazon
  • $10,000 IKEA
  • $5,000 Waffle House
  • $5,000 Bass Pro Shop
  • $5,000 Target
  • $5,000 KFC
  • $5,000 Air BnB
  • $5,000 Apple gift card
  • $5,000 Walmart
  • $1,000 AutoZone
  • $1,000 Burger King
  • $1,000 Smoothie King
  • $1,000 Starbucks
  • $1,000 eBay
  • $1,000 Steam
  • $1,000 Nintendo eShop
  • $1,000 Playstation store
  • $1,000 Whole Foods
  • $1,000 Big Lots

A lot of YouTubers start to looking for and get the big prize on this challenge! Watch the Vikkstar123HD below!

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