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Dave Grohl Admits They are Still Jamming Together with Nirvana

Nirvana‘s former member Dave Grohl has joined The Howard Stern Show with his current group, Foo Fighters recently.  During their appearance, frontman Dave Grohl and guitarist Pat Smear also talked about Nirvana. They also expressed how they miss playing with their old group and they are still jamming sometimes with bassist Krist Novoselic.

Nirvana still maintains a popular following despite all those years. It still influences modern rock and roll culture. Although their first album, Bleach didn’t reach expected attention back then. But their first single from their landmark second album Nevermind had found huge success after all. So they became a cultural phenomenon of the 1990s with the unexpected mainstream success of their song, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” And they had continued achieving much more things until the group had to disband because of Cobain‘s suicide in April 1994.

During their recent interview, Dave Grohl and Pat Smear talked about how they’ve been feeling. They answered a question about whether if they wake up and still miss playing with Nirvana, or have those days stayed so far behind them:

“You know, every once in a while, I, and Krist, and Dave get together and we do play as if we’re Nirvana. So I don’t have to miss it, we do it. If we’re in the same town together or whatever, we’ll get together and jam.” Pat answered.

Dave Grohl also added that they actually have recorded some stuff too, while they are jamming. But they also confessed that they don’t go back and listen to the Nirvana albums because it still gives them so much pain.

“It just makes me sad,” says Pat Smear. And Dave Grohl continues after him,

“It’s hard sometimes. There are times where you’re driving in the car and a song will come on… Last night actually, my daughter Harper, she’s 11, she’s like, ‘Dad, can we just go drive around?’

She’s been stuck in the house for weeks. So we jump in the car, in my van, this cool old Ford van from the ’60s, and we just drove around Hollywood, looked at it, it was like eight o’clock at night, just driving around.

And ‘Come as You Are’ came on the radio, and she started singing. She’s saying every word! I’ve never played her that record, we don’t talk about Nirvana and stuff. And she was singing every word to the song! That to me, that feels good.”

Grohl’s daughter makes a clever inference about Cobain

Dave Grohl also said that his daughter has just started to ask questions about Nirvana. Furthermore, she even made a clever inference about Cobain, as well.

“She actually did for the first time last night. It was a trip! She wanted to know if Kurt was shy, I think. I was like, ‘Yeah, he kind of was.’ And then she said, ‘Was he shy around people he didn’t know – or was he also shy around people he did know?’

And it was interesting, it was really the first time she started really asking me questions about Kurt, that was a first. It was great.”

Grohl said that her daughter also says that most people don’t understand Kurt Cobain who is shy but yet could go up in front of thousands.

“She goes, ‘It’s so strange that he could be so shy but then stand up on stage and play music in front of thousands of people.’ That’s exactly what she said.” says Dave Grohl in pride.

Their new album with Foo Fighters has released

Foo Fighters are now also promoting their new and tenth studio album “Medicine at Midnight.” They originally scheduled it for 2020. But the album was delayed to February 5, 2021, because of the pandemic. Three singles were released ahead of the album’s release. “Shame Shame” in November 2020. “No Son of Mine” on New Year’s Day 2021. And ultimately, “Waiting on a War” in January 2021.

You can hear the conversation of Dave Grohl and Pat Smear about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana down below. You can also check out their new album here.

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