Netflix wants to release more originals series or movies in 2021

Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings recently reveals what they want for more next year. He also says, they will release more originals series or movies in 2021 than before.

This year, the streaming service already released more than 370 Originals series and movies. A few more streaming service launches in these years like Disney Plus, Apple TV+, or HBO Max. But Netflix gonna produce more content every year than before. Despite the ongoing pandemic has had on the industry, Netflix has committed to increasing the number of original titles they release in 2021. This is happening just a few years since 2015. Because they rid of the streaming rights or licensing process.

How many Originals Netflix titles will release in 2021?

They want to add more Originals in 2021. According to Reed Hastings also pointed out:

“Next year, we’ve planned out the year — we’ve got a great selection of content. It’s still more originals than this year. It’s not up by as much as we first forecast, but it is upon a year-over-year basis. Of course in Europe we’re producing, in Asia, we’re producing. We’re all hopeful for a vaccine, so we can get back to more intensive work.”

Not only will Netflix continue to grow its abundance of original content in 2021. But also it can also deepen its well of prestigious works. In the light of the recent decision to avoid investing in the field of live sports or news, the prioritization of original works by Netflix reveals that their real emphasis is on producing diverse, premium content instead of consuming the entire entertainment industry. Already in 2020, the releases of films like Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods and Kauffman’s I’m Thinking Of Ending Things highlights that Netflix originals are more than superficial entertainment.

We can’t really say anything clear for the 2021 release calendar remains unclear, subscribers. But also we sure we gonna see more than 400 originals titles in 2021 like Stranger Things Season 4, The Witcher Season 2 and more.

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