Rammstein to Release New Album Maybe Come Out in April 2019

German industrial music metal band Rammstein will release their new album soon.

This will be the first album after their last album “Liebe ist für alle da” which was released 10 years ago. Now they’ve finished the recording session according to guitarist Richard Kruspe. He spoke on an interview with COS for this upcoming album and said: “Everything with Rammstein takes forever, because there are six people, plus an engineer and a producer, and we all have opinions about it. It’s just going very slow, and it’s very time consuming, and sometimes frustrating. We’re finishing up the last mixes, and it’s going to come out probably in April of 2019.” in this interview. Rammstein fans are excitedly waiting for this new album and will start touring on June 28th.

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Also, they celebrated the new year with concerts in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on December 31st and January 2nd. Check out the Engel song Live from their Madison Square Garden concert.

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