Ranking All The Songs from The Oblivion Soundtrack

“The Oblivion ” was a motion picture released in 2013. While it never received a great deal of attention and wasn’t immensely popular, it was in many ways considered a disaster movie. In other ways, people have tended to think of it more as an examination of how individuals react to things that are already occurring in their lives when they’re in extreme situations. The entirety of the soundtrack was recorded by the group called M83, based in France. In total, there are 24 songs on the soundtrack itself. As previously mentioned, every song was recorded by the same group. Therefore, there are no artist notes next to the title, as it would be redundant to include this information when it’s the same for every song. If you’re interested in knowing how the songs rank, you can look at the list below, ranked from worst to best. They all have YouTube links, so if you want to hear them for yourself, all you have to do is click on the link attached to the song you want to hear.

24. Temples of Our Gods


Of course, you would expect a movie that has so many epic scenes to have music that matches and for the most part, that’s what you will find. This particular song is in regards to the types of pillars that people put in place in order to make sure that society maintains the status quo. It also refers to the need to stop and look at these things from time to time in order to see what we as a society are doing for ourselves and what we are forcing future generations into.

23. I’m Sending You Away


When you feel that someone you genuinely love is in danger, one of your first reactions is usually to send them away from that danger so that they will be safe, even if you can’t join them. Imagine how that would feel to have to send someone away, not knowing if you’ll ever see them again. That’s exactly the type of melancholy that is expressed in the song.

22. Welcome Back


This is definitely one of the more upbeat songs on the soundtrack. Think about that feeling that you would have when you see an old friend that you haven’t seen for some time and you finally get the opportunity to hug them. That’s the type of emotion that this song generates.

21. Radiation Zone


You can’t have a good disaster film without at least one or two problems related to a radiation leak and this is the song that is used in a scene that deals with exactly this type of thing. If you want to get technical, it can also be used for further examining the types of emotions that people have when they’re in “the hot zone,” so to speak. In other words, emotions that are very raw and difficult to deal with are reflected in this song.

20. Drone Attack


People have a tendency to fear technology, especially when they don’t understand it. Imagine being attacked by an army of drones that you have no control over. You can take the notes in this song and make them fit a variety of different situations. In fact, it would work well for anything where you feel like you’re out of control and you’re facing something that you can’t necessarily change, no matter how hard you try.

19. Fearful Odds


Everyone feels fear in one form or another. That’s exactly what this song tries to convey. The notes in it are used to make people feel ill at ease. It’s accomplished well through a variety of different sounds that have shrill undertones, along with some truly disturbing minor notes.

18. Raven Rock


Whether you’ve been through something similar in real life or you had a nightmare, there is a time in the lives of most individuals when they feel like if they can just reach a certain location or a certain goal, everything will be okay and they will be safe. There’s a specific string of emotions that goes with that feeling and that’s precisely what is conveyed here.

17. Hydrorig


This is one of the more intense songs in the film. It works well with the particular scene that it’s used in, conveying the types of monumental struggles that people often experience through no fault of their own.

16. Horatius


This is one of the songs that is used which sort of links two different scenes together and helps to move the story along. Every film has these types of songs that end up acting like something of a hybrid between whatever is going on. That being said, it’s a very strong piece in its own right that deserves recognition.

15. StarWaves


It’s interesting how futuristic certain aspects of this particular song can sound at times. For the most part, it’s a fairly intense song that also has some techno elements to it. It definitely has a unique sound that will probably have you thinking about it for several days after you hear it.

14. Tech 49


Speaking of futuristic songs, this is another one that sounds a little bit different. It’s not quite as pronounced as “StarWaves”, but it definitely has a very distinct sound that differs from a lot of the other material here. Again, it’s used to further assist the story and move it along as the film progresses.

13. Jack’s Dream


Everybody has those dreams that feel so real they would almost swear that they actually lived them. In many cases, the feelings are so intense that they can be completely unsettling. That intensity is reflected in the song here on a number of different levels.

12. Waking Up


If you suffer a nightmare, you have that moment when you first wake up where you’re not quite sure about what exactly is going on around you. In many cases, you’re both scared and confused. You might have a desire to run or fight. That type of confusion is reflected in this song, one that seems disorganized at first but it’s actually using that feeling of disorganization to tell a story.

11. Supercell


If you’ve ever lived through a significant thunderstorm, you know that supercells are nothing to be messed with. That’s precisely why they’re used in so many disaster movies. They are imposing and can often be frightening. That’s exactly what you hear in this particular song. It puts you on edge because that’s exactly what it’s meant to do.

10. Earth 2077


This is another rather imposing song. You might think that it would be more futuristic, like some of the others here, but the overwhelming tone is one of something that isn’t quite right. There are a number of powerful notes that tell you as the viewer that something is about to happen and you need to be paying attention.

9. Canyon Battle


Any song that goes with a battle in a film is going to be intense. That’s exactly what you have here. There are a number of rather loud, hard-hitting notes and the music itself is fast-paced. In short, you get exactly what you would expect from any type of song that is used to go alongside a battle in a film.

8. Odyssey Rescue


If you want to talk about an intense song, think about this one. It’s all about being able to make a very important rescue, one that is pivotal in the film. The song has to make you feel that the stakes are indeed very high. When you listen to the song by itself, you will probably find yourself on the edge of your seat, inadvertently tensing every muscle in your body.

7. Revelations


This is another very bold, powerful song that sort of hits you right in the face and never lets up. That’s exactly what it’s supposed to do. In the film, it’s used to reveal things that a lot of people would prefer to keep hidden. By itself, it’s a song that seems to permeate every fiber of your being from beginning to end, refusing to leave you alone for even an instant.

6. Undimmed by Time Unbound by Death


Imagine something that can never be stopped, no matter what happens. You might choose to think about pure love. It cannot be interfered with, no matter how much time has passed. Even death cannot stop it. That’s a very important thing to carry with you and the song here reflects just exactly how important that is. It’s both powerful and melancholic, depicting a rather accurate picture of life in general.

5. Losing Control


When a person loses control, they feel completely out of sorts. Nothing seems right. That’s exactly how the song sounds. It’s actually quite off-putting. It’s difficult to listen to it on its own because it’s so unpleasant, but it’s unpleasant for a reason. It has to make you feel those emotions in order to tell the story.

4. You Can’t Save Her


Put yourself in this situation. Imagine someone that you love more than anyone else in the world being in danger and you’re the only person with a chance of saving them from certain death. Now imagine being told that there is nothing you can do to stop the course of events from occurring. Most people would be willing to fight until their own death in order to at least try and stop something from happening to someone they love. At the same time, they also feel shock and sorrow, all mixed together. Listen to this song and you’ll feel all of these emotions and more.

3. Knife Fight in a Phone Booth


This is another very intense song designed to really get you on the edge of your seat so that you’re paying attention. It’s loud and it’s fast-paced, often becoming so loud that it almost hurts your ears and then getting much quieter again.

2. Ashes of Our Fathers


As you might have guessed from the title, this is a song that’s quite sad in nature. Any person that’s ever lost someone they love or been through some type of major trauma is going to be able to identify with it.

1. Oblivion


Here you have the title song. It’s powerful, thought-provoking and frightening all at the same time. At times, it’s very powerful and at other times, it seems to retreat to a point that you can scarcely even hear it. All in all, it conveys the emotions that are reflected in the film quite well.

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