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She's All That

‘She’s All That’ is a 1999 teen romantic comedy film that R. Lee Fleming Jr. wrote and Robert Iscove directed. It stars Freddie Prinze Jr., Rachael Leigh Cook, Matthew Lillard, and Paul Walker. The film’s storyline is based on both George Cukor’s 1964 film ‘My Fair Lady’ and the George Bernard Shaw play ‘Pygmalion.’ It is about a teen boy claiming he can make any girl at his school popular. The story is supported by a fantastic soundtrack that features music from many genres. Here are all the songs from the ‘She’s All That’ soundtrack ranked.

15. Test the Theory, Audioweb, 1998


‘Test the Theory’ is the song playing when Zach arrives at Preston’s house party. Audioweb, an English rock and reggae band, performs the song. It featured on the group’s second and final album ‘Fireworks City.’

14. Nonstop Operation, Dust Junkys, 1998


During the prom pictures, the song in the background is ‘Nonstop Operation’ by the English rap-rock group Dust Junkys. ‘Nonstop Operation’ is a track that features on the group’s debut studio album ‘Done and… Dusted.’

13. Shuck & Jive, Superdrag, 1998


The song playing when Zach misses the goal during soccer practice is ‘Shuck & Drive.’ The song was written by John Davis and performed by Superdrag. Shuck & Jive’ featured on the band’s second album, ‘Head Trip in Every Key.’

12. Ooh La La, The Wiseguys, 1998


Not only did ‘Ooh La La’ feature in the soundtrack for ‘She’s All That,’ but it also featured in the soundtrack for ‘Kevin & Perry Go Large.’ The song was written by Theo Keating and recorded by the English electronic music duo the Wiseguys. It featured on the duo’s second studio album ‘The Antidote.’

11. Gorgeous, Girl Next Door, 1998 and 2001


‘Gorgeous’ is a song performed by Girl Next Door. Although the song appears in ‘She’s All That’ in 1998, Girl Next Door did not release it as a single until 2001. The song features Kat Greene on vocals and the keyboard and Billy Lincoln on guitar and bass.

10. Blacktop Beat, Jurassic 5, 1998


‘Blacktop Beat’ was a song recorded by alternative hip hop group Jurassic 5 in 1998. The six-piece group consisted of rappers and DJs. This song featured on the group’s self-titled debut album, although they did not release it as a single.

9. 66, The Afghan Whigs, 1998


‘66’ features twice in ‘She’s All That.’ It is first played in a scene where Laney is painting in the basement and Zack calls her. The song is played again when Mackenzie and Zack leave for the prom. ‘66’ is performed by Afghan Wings, and it is featured on their album ‘1965.’

8. Sugar, Stretch Princess, 1996


When the friends are playing volleyball on the beach, the song playing is ‘Sugar’ by the British alternative rock band Stretch Princess. ‘Sugar’ also features in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s 1999 film ‘Passport to Paris’ and the 2001 film ‘The Shrink Is In,’ which starred Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

7. Baby Got Going, Liz Phair, 1998


‘Baby Got Going’ plays at the beginning of the film when Zach is walking into school. Liz Phair performs the song, which she also co-wrote with Scott Litt. ‘Baby Got Going’ was one of the tracks on Phair’s album ‘Whitechocolatespaceegg.’

6. Be Free, The Black Eyed Peas, 1998


‘Be Free’ is a song written and performed by the American hip hop group Black Eyed Peas, although the group did not release it as a single. However, it featured on their debut studio album ‘Behind the Front.’

5. Believe, Goldie, 1998


‘Believe’ is the song playing in the prom scene Ms. Rousseau tells Laney she has done well in her final project, and then Laney sees Jack dancing with Taylor. English musician Goldie recorded this song as the third single from his album ‘Saturnz Return.’ The soul and jazz-influenced song features vocals from Diane Charlemagne.

4. The Rockafeller Skank, DJ Fatboy Slim, 1998


‘The Rockafeller Skank is a song performed by DJ Fatboy Slim, who co-wrote the song with John Barry and Winford Terry. It was the lead single from his second studio album, ‘You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby.’ ‘The Rockafeller Skank topped the charts in Iceland and peaked at number six in the UK. The song features in one of the film’s prom scenes when the teens are dancing.

3. Give It to Me Baby, Rick James, 1980


According to Tune Find, ‘Give It to Me Baby’ is played twice in ‘She’s All That.’ It is first played at the beginning of the film when Brock arrives at school. Then, it is played again at Preston’s party when Brock dances. The song was recorded by Rick James, and it featured on his album ‘Street Songs.’

2. Prophecy, Remy Zero, 1998


You will hear ‘Prophecy’ playing during the opening titles of the film. It is performed by the rock band Remy Zero, and it is featured on their album ‘Villa Elaine. The song is also featured in the film ‘The Last Kiss.’

1. Kiss Me, Sixpence None the Richer,1998


The best song from the ‘She’s All That’ soundtrack is ‘Kiss Me,’ and it became the movie’s theme tune. It is performed by the pop-rock band Sixpence None the Richer, and Matt Slocum wrote it. ‘Kiss Me’ features on the band’s self-titled third studio album. It topped the charts in Australia and Canada, and it peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100. The song features twice in the film. It is first played when Zach’s sister has given Laney a makeover, then again towards the end of the film when Zack kicks the ball to Laney, and she smiles at him.

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