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SLIPKNOT at Monsters of Rock 2013 in Brazil

SLIPKNOT members are a little creepy and also awesome! Also, the net worth and legacy of the band members are very interesting. Although SLIPKNOT, the extreme metal band, was founded in America, their legacy and popularity is quite large globally. Some people consider them just scary and extreme, but this is very wrong. SLIPKNOT is a ‘real’ music group that can convey many emotions to its fans, they have many songs such as the more emotional it is in “Vermillion Pt.2”, the more aggressive “People = Shit”. Let’s learn a few facts about the band and then take a look at the members’ net worth and assets they have. The extreme metal band is an American metal group founded in Iowa in 1995. The stage performances, costumes, and styles are as interesting as their songs. Having a large global fan base, the band has reached 14 million album sales (7 albums, 16 singles) so far.

Founding and former members of the group include names such as Shawn Crahan, Joey Jordison, and Paul Gray. You can see the active members of the band below.

  • Sid Wilson
  • Jim Root
  • Craig “133” Jones
  • Shawn “Clown” Crahan
  • Mick Thomson
  • Corey Taylor
  • Jay Weinberg
  • Alessandro Venturella

We will see the net worth of the SLIPKNOT and its path to success below. We will also talk about the pain and difficulties on the way as we climb this revenue peak and talk about their pain and hardships on the way while they climb to this revenue peak.

How SLIPKNOT Suffered On The Way

Of course, no success is achieved without overcoming difficulties. They have suffered and even continue to suffer to have this legacy as the SLIPKNOT. Separations in the group, lawsuits, and deaths shook the group deeply, but the American metal group continues to produce and increase its population. Most importantly, it continues to preserve its quality and originality.

  • The group was not set up in a flamboyant venue or a studio. On the contrary, SLIPKNOT made its first development at the gas station where Jordison worked at night, with Gray and Crahan.
  • The band’s first demo, which played only on local radio, did not attract any attention.
  • In 2002, the group experienced major internal conflicts. This is exactly the time of their rise, and it was a great misfortune.
  • In 2010, Paul Gray, one of the founders of the group, was found dead in his hotel room, due to a drug overdose. This shook the group deeply, and the future of the band became uncertain.
  • There has been some speculation in the media between the band’s drummer Joey Jordison and vocalist Corey Taylor. Recently, Joey, one of the important names of the band, plays drums at Sinsaenum.
  • In 2019, Chris Fehn filed a lawsuit against the group for suspension of payments. Corey blamed Taylor and Crahan and then left the group.

Paul Gray's grave

How SLIPKNOT Earned This Net Worth

When the band released its first demo, it attracted little attention and could not gain a fan base. However, it didn’t demotivate the group. Work on the album ended in early 1999, allowing the band to make their debut as part of the Ozzfest roster in 1999. Ozzfest greatly increased the SLIPKNOT’s fan base, and their 1999 album was a huge success. In their second album, they ranked first on the Billboard charts and in the UK. Especially after their second album, “Iowa” (2001), the band continued to grow and develop rapidly. They went on many world tours and performed at full-house concerts. SLIPKNOT has been nominated for 10 Grammy Awards, with categories including Best Metal Performance, Best Hard Rock Performance, and Best Rock Album. In 2006, they won the Best Metal Performance award for “Before I Forget”.

How much is the Net Worth of SLIPKNOT members?

Not much is shared about the private lives of the SLIPKNOT members. Once upon a time, they were just masks, even who they were not known. That’s why we have prepared the information we can find for you.

Corey Taylor Net Worth: $40 Million

Corey Taylor is one of the oldest names in the band and the band’s vocalist. Corey is a huge fan of BLACK SABBATH and APOCALYPTICA. Corey, who has the most net worth of the SLIPKNOT members, lives in Las Vegas. He likes classic American cars and is also a comic book collector.

Corey Taylor's comic book collection

Jim Root Net Worth: $9 Million

Jim Root is an American musician who is best known for playing guitar in the heavy metal band. Jim is fluent in guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and other percussions. He is living in Atlantic Beach, Florida. Jim is a car collector, but his favorite cars are classic American cars. Just like Corey Taylor.

Jim Root and his classic American car

Sid Wilson Net Worth: $10 Million

Sid Wilson is an American DJ and musician who is best known for being the turntablist of the band SLIPKNOT.

Shawn “Clown” Crahan Net Worth: $10 Million

Shawn Crahan is an American musician, artist, and music producer who is best known for his stage persona “Clown” and for being a co-founder and percussionist of the heavy metal band SLIPKNOT. Crahan also produces many albums and directs short films and documentaries. Shawn spends his legacy on the movie industry he loves dearly. He lives in Johnston, IA. You can watch the “Officer Downe” trailer below which directed by Shawn Crahan.

Craig Jones Net Worth: $20 Million
Mick Thomson Net Worth: $10 Million
Alessandro Venturella Net Worth: $5 Million
Jay Weinberg Net Worth: $2 Million

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