10 Awesome Songs about Finding Yourself

Taylor Swift

Finding yourself is one of the most vital and greatest adventures you can experience in your life. To be valuable to people around you, you must first find and know yourself. However, finding yourself and what you want in life can be challenging. This is a journey that often needs effort and time. If you are on this journey, here are 10 awesome songs about finding yourself you can try out.

10. A Place in This World – Taylor Swift

The song talks about the uncertainty of what will occur in the future and the acceptance that life will still go on whether it will work out or not. Taylor Swift sings about how it took her plenty of soul-searching and time to find herself eventually and where she belongs. She encourages the listeners that it’s worth taking your time and finding yourself regardless of the cost you will have to pay.

9. Disconnect – Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit is a trio band that uses electronic music together with jazz and classical influences to produce amazing music. Their track ‘Disconnect’ speaks about the will to disconnect from her past, although it is difficult. Her obsession with her past relationships through social media only worsens her anxiety. The song gives words of motivation and encouragement to persevere even when things become tough. To find yourself and life’s meaning, you must disconnect yourself from the past.

8. Imperfection – Celine Dion

‘Imperfection’ by Celine Dion is a great song about finding yourself. She says it’s okay to have flaws and that these imperfections make us unique. This song reminds you to accept your shortcomings and be proud of who you are. This powerful message inspires one to find themselves and be comfortable despite their flaws. People often go through tough times when they are unsure about themselves or feel inferior. The track reminds you that every person has insecurities, and it is fine to be imperfect.

7. Still Learning – Halsey

‘Still Learning’ by Halsey is a track about how everybody is still learning regardless of age or success. The song talks about how she still struggles with self-love despite attaining incredible success in her music career. Halsey displays her vulnerability by highlighting her struggles with self-love and self-esteem. It reminds us that it’s never too late to learn and discover ourselves and that you can always improve on yourself. It’s about continuing to know yourself and embracing your shortcomings.

6. Back to Love – Chris Brown

‘Back to Love’ by Chris Brown is about pure love that eventually made Chris brown want to be the best version of himself. It is about how each person has a moment in their life when they are trying to find themselves. For some, this occurs in their teenage years, while others might occur later in life. Chris Brown speaks about his self-discovery journey and the lessons learned. The song encourages listeners not to give up on their search for who they are. It reminds you that it’s never too late to find your true self.

5. Let Me Live – Rudimental & Major Lazer

‘Let Me Live’ by Rudimental & Major Lazer is one of the songs about yourself, talking about the benefits of self-acceptance. This song encourages listeners to accept their flaws and be themselves regardless of what others think about them. In finding yourself, it is essential to remain true to who you are and not allow anyone to control your life. Just live your life without worrying about what others say about you and you will be okay.

4. Through the Rain – Mariah Carey

‘Through the Rain’ by Mariah Carey is another great song about finding yourself. This single serves as an insight into the personal struggles of Mariah Carey throughout 2001 and also encourages others going through such difficulties. It says that despite the obstacles you face, you need to keep going and that you will succeed in the end even stronger than ever. The track will surely uplift anyone going through struggles in their life.

3. Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling

‘Shatter Me’ by Lindsey Stirling is an influential song about finding yourself. The song speaks about how we all pass through hard times in our lives when finding who we are. According to Songfacts, this track has words of encouragement and wisdom, saying it’s okay to be lost and you will ultimately find your way. This song will surely talk to your soul, and listening to it will give you courage, hope, and strength.

2. Lose You to Love Me – Selena Gomez

This song is a self-love anthem about Selena Gomez finding her true self through the hard process of losing the one you love. According to Harpers Bazaar, the song talks about the aftershock of breaking up with your lover and how Selena Gomez felt that she had first to lose herself to find herself again. She surely put her heart into this emotional and raw track. Gomez released the song after breaking up with Justin Bieber after years of off-and-on dating. It is obvious that this song is about that particularly painful experience. This song shows us to love ourselves despite our struggles in relationships. Ultimately, you might need to lose yourself first before finding yourself.

1. Me Myself and I – G Eazy ft. Bebe Rexha

This song took the top spot in the Hot Rap Songs charts. The song talks about wishing for privacy and the ability to escape in solidarity with the music they make. According to Odyssey, it takes you through the rapper’s journey to finding himself and how he was able to accept himself the way he is. He used to pretend to be somebody else for him to fit in but later realized that it’s essential to be himself. The track communicates that while others might judge you for being different, everything will be fine if you love who you are.


That’s it. These are the top ten awesome songs about finding yourself. We hope you will get the inspiration you need to find your true self by listening to them.

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