10 Awesome Songs about Second Chances

second chances

No one is perfect, but we deserve second chances to learn from our mistakes. The first thing you might want to do is right your wrongs to regain trust from whoever you fell out with. Repeating the same mistakes repeatedly makes us vulnerable to losing our loved ones. The same applies to someone who’s wronged you. Are they remorseful and want a second chance to fix their mistakes? It takes brevity to forgive them and hope they’ll learn from their wrongs. As you ponder this thought, it would be wise to listen to songs about second chances to understand the power of sung words. Here are the ten best that we think will inspire you.

10. “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” by Phil Collins (Against All Odds- 1984)

Have you ever felt worthless after your lover left you? You aren’t alone. It takes time to grieve, deny, and accept that your lover is gone. Cry all you can, but that won’t change the situation. The song relating to this situation is “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins. Initially, Collins wrote this song for the 1982 American drama movie, An Officer and a Gentleman. Collins made the song worth listening to, helping it win a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male in 1985. The Song of the Year was also nominated for the Academy Award and Golden Globes’ Best Original Song category.

9. “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele (Time Out of Mind- 1997)

“Make You Feel My Love” is the single cover version of Adele’s cover version on her debut album, 19. Initially, Adele thought that the song might not accentuate her songwriting prowess. Her manager eventually convinced her to perform it alongside a pianist, Neil Cowley. It doesn’t surprise that it peaked at 26 thanks to her version. Eventually, other artists from the seventh series of The X Factor also performed it. The song is about someone expressing regrets after their lover dumps them, longing for a second chance.

8. “Lego House” by Ed Sheeran (+ 2011)

Have you ever played Lego before? You might have realized it involves building a house on trial and error. But once you realize you placed the bricks in the wrong positions, you remove them and start over till you create something more practical. Ed Sheeran uses “Lego House” as a metaphor to illustrate the importance of giving each other a second chance to make things work.

7. “Back to December” by Taylor Swift (Speak Now- 2010)

If you ever had a boyfriend who was loyal to you, but you never showed any efforts to reciprocate their love, you will find Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” relatable. The singer uses this song as an apology letter expressing her regret and wishes she would turn back the hands of time to amend her wrongs. The song peaked at 11 on the US Adult Top 40 and third on the Hot Country Songs.

6. “Back to You” by Selena Gomez (Rare-2020)

“Back to You” is a bonus track Selena Gomez released as a Season 2 soundtrack of 13 Reasons Why, a TV adaptation of the eponymous book. Commercially, the song peaked in the top five in the Czech Republic, Greece, Canada, and Australia. The US Billboard charts helped the song become Gomez’s 15th consecutive top 40th entry on the Billboard Hot 100. It peaked at 18 on the US charts. Its lyrics express a lover hoping for the best but expecting the worst in her relationship.

5. “Just Give Me a Reason” by P!nk feat. Nate Ruess (The Truth About Love- 2012)

“Just Give Me a Reason” is a song focusing on two romantically involved lovers attempting to fix things up after realizing they had unique indifferences. P!nk and Nate Ruess narrate a tale of two lovers who have grown apart but have time to patch things up. Though the duo believes the relationship is done, they still hope everything can be fixed and start over. The song peaked at number on the US Adult Contemporary, Adult Top 40, and Mainstream Top 40.

4. “Wait” by Maroon 5 (Red Pill Blues- 2018)

“Wait” is a song written by Jacob Kasher Hindlin, Ammar Malik, John Ryan, and Adam Levine. Maroon 5 performed it in 2018, but it was announced a year before on Halloween. According to Naibuzz, this upbeat song describes the lead singer’s interest in pursuing a girl who leaves him because he’s toxic. Bearing this knowledge, he asks for a second chance to fix his mistakes, so she doesn’t leave him. The song peaked at 244 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and first on the Venezuela Rock (Rock Record).

3. “Never Really Over” by Katy Perry (Smile- 2020)

You never know how powerful love is until someone you’re madly in love with breaks up with you, but you aren’t over each other. “Never Really Over” by Katy Perry is a song backing this fact. The worst part is you know you aren’t meant for each other, but some powerful force keeps pulling you back together. The song peaked in the top 10 in Australia, Mexico, Hungary, and Canada. Unsurprisingly, the US Billboard Hot 100 ranked it 15th thanks to its millions of streams.

2. “Come to Me” by Mary J. Blige (Growing Pains- 2007)

“Come to Me” is a track describing a person who’s dated someone long-term, but a breakup happens out of the blue. The narrator expresses their regret, and part of them wishes their lover never left. If you feel shortchanged without your special one, the lyrics will make you understand the meaning of a second chance. It’s also about the difficulty one faces when they have to be the “bigger person” to forgive when they’re aggrieved in the real sense.

1. “Hate That I Love You” by Rihanna and Ne-Yo (Good Girl Gone Bad- 2007)

If you’ve been in a romantic relationship where you feel unappreciated by your lover, you will relate to Rihanna and Ne-Yo’s song, “Hate That I Love You.” Despite the hate you might feel for your partner; you always long for a second chance with them. That’s because you both have co-dependency issues. This song performed commercially well, peaking in the top 20 in 13 countries. The UK Singles Chart ranked it 15th while the US Billboard Hot 100 placed it in position seven. Also, the RIAA certified it platinum thanks to the over one million denoted shipments.

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