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MercyMe is a Christian music band founded in 1994 in Edmond, Oklahoma. The band members include lead vocalist Bart Millard, bassist Nathan Cochran, percussionist Robby Shaffer, and guitarists Barry Graul and Michael Scheuchzer. Prior to signing with a label, the band released six independent albums. Since then, MercyMe has released ten studio albums, three compilation albums, two video albums, and 28 singles. Here are all of MercyMe’s studio albums ranked.

10. Inhale (Exhale) (2021)


The most recent album released by MercyMe is the 2021 album ‘Inhale (Exhale).’ Unfortunately, the band’s most recent efforts have not been as successful on the charts as their previous work. It is one of only two of their albums not to top the Christian music charts in the United States, peaking at only number three. It is also their lowest charting album on the Billboard 200, reaching only number 78.

9. Spoken For (2002)


‘Spoken For’ was MercyMe’s second studio album, which was released in 2002. It was one of only two of the band’s albums not to top the US Christian Albums chart, but it reached number two. The other was their most recent album, ‘Inhale (Exhale).’ The title single was the first track released as a single from the album, and the others were ‘Word of God Speak’ and ‘The Change Inside Me.’ This album was more cohesive than the band’s debut album, and it demonstrated a shift in the band’s musical style. The album won multiple awards.

8. Almost There (2001)


‘Almost There’ was MercyMe’s debut studio album and the first to top the US Christian Albums chart. After releasing six independent albums, ‘Almost There’ was the band’s first studio album after landing a record contract with INO Records. MercyMe released the singles ‘Bless Me Indeed (Jabez’s Song)’ and ‘I Can Only Imagine’ from this album. The latter is one of MercyMe’s most successful and critically acclaimed singles.

7. Coming Up to Breathe (2006)


‘Coming Up to Breathe’ is MercyMe’s fourth studio album and their third to top the Christian charts in the United States. Two of the singles released from this album, ‘So Long Sell’ and ‘Bring the Rain,’ topped the Christian Songs chart. The other singles released from the album was ‘Hold Fast.’ Prior to this album, MercyMe had become known for their ballads, but the tracks on ‘Coming Up to Breathe’ are more up-tempo.

6. Undone (2004)


The third studio album released by MercyMe was ‘Undone,’ and it was the band’s second to top the Christian charts. It became one of the best-selling Christian albums of 2004 and 2005. By 2006, the album had sold more than 627,000 albums and was certified Gold by the RIAA. The singles released from the album were ‘Here with Me,’ ‘Homesick,’ and ‘In the Blink of an Eye.’ Four tracks from the album feature the London Symphony Orchestra.

5. Lifer (2017)


The only studio album of MercyMe to chart in Canada is ‘Lifer,’ which reached number 95 on the album charts. In the United States, this album topped the Christian charts and reached number 10 on the Billboard 200. There are ten tracks on the album, with an additional two tracks on the Deluxe version. MercyMe co-wrote all the songs, and others who made significant lyrical and composition contributions to the album included David Garcia, Ben Glover, and Solomon Olds, all three of whom co-produced the album. The singles released from this album were ‘Even If,’ ‘Grace Got you,’ and ‘Best News Ever.’

4. The Hurt & The Healer (2012)


MercyMe’s seventh studio album was ‘The Hurt & The Healer,’ which was released in 2012. It was the band’s sixth album to top the Christian album chart in the United States, and it reached number seven on the Billboard 200. This album was the band’s first after signing with Fair Trade after parting ways with INO. The title track was released as a single, and it topped the Christian Songs, AC indicator, and Soft AC/ Inspirational charts.

3. Welcome to the New (2014)


‘Welcome to the New’ topped the Christian charts in the United States and reached number four on the Billboard 200. It was the band’s eighth studio album, and the singles from the album, ‘Shake’ and ‘Greater,’ both achieved top ten positions on the Billboard Christian Songs chart. Various musical styles are featured on this album, including Christian country, urban contemporary gospel, Irish folk, and rhythm and blues. There are also influences from jazz, dance, and rock music.

2. The Generous Mr. Lovewell (2010)


MercyMe’s most commercially successful album was ‘The Generous Mr. Lovewell.’ Not only was it the band’s fifth consecutive album to top the Christian charts, but it was also the band’s highest-ranking album on the Billboard 200, reaching number three. An interesting fact about this album is that it is the last by the band to feature founding member Jim Bryson. MercyMe released three singles from this album, including ‘All of Creation,’ ‘Beautiful,’ and ‘Move.’

1. All That Is Within Me (2007)


According to Best Ever Albums, the best MercyMe studio album is ‘All That Is Within Me.’ It was the band’s fourth number one on the Christian charts, and it peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200. After selling more than 500,000 copies, the album was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). From this album, the band released the singles ‘God with Us,’ ‘You Reign,’ and ‘Finally Home.’

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