Ranking All The Songs from the Avengers Endgame Soundtrack

Avengers Endgame

After four films, the Avengers franchise reached its end in 2019 with Endgame. Suffice to say, it was massive, breaking box offices records and earning more awards and glory than any film usually has a right to. Obviously, the writing, directing, and acting are what got most of the praise, but it’s Alan Silvestri’s exquisite soundtrack that’s the real secret weapon. Perfectly pitched to match every mood and emotion of the film to perfection, it’s a triumph. Here’s how we rank all the songs on the Avengers Endgame soundtrack.

28. Totally Fine – Alan Silvestri


Endgame is an amazing film – listening to this, there’s no question of the role Alan Silvestri plays in making it one.

27. Perfectly Not Confusing – Alan Silvestri


Alain Silvestri dials the nostalgia up to the max as he brings back Captain America’s theme from The First Avengers (which he just so happened to write as well).

26. Arrival – Alan Silvestri


One of the hardest-hitting songs and one of the hardest-hitting scenes, with a heart-wrenching balance of triumph and defeat.

25. You Shouldn’t Be Here – Alan Silvestri


Possibly one of the darkest, most gruesome moments in any MCU movie, and definitely one of the most dramatic, nail-biting moments of the score.

24. The How Works – Alan Silvestri


Didn’t think you’d ever hear a jazz version of the Avengers theme? Well, here it is.

23. Becoming Whole Again – Alan Silvestri


A beautiful, understated piece to accompany one of the most haunting moments of the film.

22. One Shot – Alan Silvestri


When the quantum tunnel starts to open and the music starts to build… chills, every time.

21. Snap Out of It – Alan Silvestri


Alan Silvestri does an excellent job of recalling past MCU themes throughout his score, here revisiting Twilight of the Gods from Ragnarok by Mark Mothersbaugh.

20. So Many Stairs – Alan Silvestri


This part of the score accompanies one of the film’s funniest moments, and Silvestri does an excellent job of capturing the humor.

19. I Figured It Out – Alan Silvestri


Endgame might be a great film, but would it be the same without Alain Silvestri’s magisterial score? Not a chance.

18. Can’t Risk This – Alan Silvestri


If you recognize the music that plays as present Cap fights past Cap, it’s because it’s drawn from the soundtrack that was used when Iron Man fought Thor in The Avengers.

17. The Tool of a Thief – Alan Silvestri


Another spine-tingling moment from the score next as Nebula and Rhodey collect the power stone.

16. Watch Each Other’s Six – Alan Silvestri


Alan Silvestri’s score delivers multiple goosebumps-inducing moments, with Watch Each Other’s Six being one of them.

15. He Gave It Away – Alan Silvestri


It could be hot enough to start a fire outside, but this part of Silvestri’s score will still give you the chills.

14. The Measure of a Hero – Alan Silvestri


Thor talks with his mother, giving rise to one of the most emotional scenes of the film and one of the most memorable moments of the soundtrack.

13. In Plain Sight – Alan Silvestri



If you’re planning on sneaking around your enemy’s lair without getting caught, this is the music you’d want playing in your head while you do it. The way it jumps between styles and speeds is incredible.

12. Not Good – Alan Silvestri


There’s a risk you were crying too much to hear the music the first time you watched the scene, in which case, grit your teeth and watch it again – your ears will thank you.

11. I Was Made For This – Alan Silvestri


This scene hits like a train, and so does Silvestri’s score.

10. Whatever It Takes – Alan Silvestri


There are a few moments during this scene that might just break your heart, but it’s worth the pain for the beauty of Silvestri’s score.

9. Tres Amigos – Alan Silvestri


Watching Endgame takes you on an emotional journey. Shock, awe, fear, anxiety, excitement, tension… name the emotion, and you’re going to feel it. Alain Silvestri’s score can’t take all the credit for that, but it deserves as much as you can give it.

8. Worth It – Alan Silvestri


Listen carefully, and you should be able to hear a few familiar moments from the first Avengers film here, first with a rendition of Factory Inferno as Cap catches the hammer and then with a reprisal of Motorcycle Mayhem when Cap takes on Thanos.

7. The One – Alan Silvestri


There might not be any dialogue, but when Dr. Strange raises his finger, Stark’s reaction says it all. And in case it didn’t, the intensity of Silvestri’s score should give you a good indication that something major is about to happen.

6. Where Are They? – Alan Silvestri


With Where Are They?, we get one of the most epic moments on the soundtrack to accompany one of the most cinematically beautiful moments of the film.

5. The Real Hero – Alan Silvestri


Everyone wants a happy ending, but sometimes, that’s just not how life goes. But there can be beauty in sadness, and here it comes by way of Silvestri’s haunting score.

4. Portals – Alan Silvestri


A truly iconic scene, and a truly iconic piece of Silvestri’s score next with the majestic Portals.

3. You Did Good – Alan Silvestri



It takes a hard heart to get through this scene without the tears flowing, and an even harder one not to be moved by the music.

2. Go Ahead – Alan Silvestri



If anyone deserved an Oscar for Endgame, it was Silvestri, who proves it yet again with the majestic Go Ahead.

1. Main On End – Alan Silvestri


Closing out the soundtrack is Main on End, a triumphant ending to a faultless score.

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