The 10 Best ABBA Songs of All-Time


ABBA is easily one of the most influential music groups of all time. Hitting the peak of popularity during the 1970s, this is a group that many people still listen to with fervor today. In fact, their old songs have now entertained an entirely new generation of people, people who have genuinely fallen in love with their songs.

While everybody has their favorites, there are typically a handful of songs that most people would readily agree are among their very best. After all, every band has a greatest hits album.

Take a look at the list and see if any of your favorites are on it. Who knows, you might decide to listen to one or more of the songs through the provided links and discover something entirely new that you’ve never heard before.

On the other hand, you might be reminded of a favorite moment that is brought back to life through their music. Of course, this list is subjective. You may have a completely different favorite than the one that landed at number one on this particular list.

Nevertheless, it’s all in good fun so if you’re an ABBA fan, or even if you’re just curious, go ahead and take a look (and a listen) for yourself.

10. Fernando (1975)

Who wouldn’t love a song that talks about finding a lost love? That is essentially what this song refers to. The fact that it’s sung with ABBA’s signature style only makes it more appealing.

It’s definitely not like your typical love song, sounding more like a celebration after winning a great battle than anything else. Its celebratory nature immediately lifts your spirits and makes you think about finally being in the arms of that one person that makes your knees go weak.

Make no mistake about it, it is in no way a ballad. It’s a rock song and it’s meant to be sung as such. That said, it doesn’t make the meaning any less poignant.

9. Money, Money, Money (1975)

There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t had at least a few days where they felt like no matter how hard they work, no matter how much money they make, it will never be enough.

This song talks about the need and the desire for a lot of money, mirrored against the reality of not having enough to go around. It is something that almost everyone can identify with in one capacity or another, which is precisely what makes it so popular in the first place.

8. S.O.S. (1975)

This is another love song, but it’s done in a rather cheeky manner. It talks about the need to send out an SOS as if you were a ship that’s lost at sea, only it’s talking about doing so in order to find a lost love.

Most people can identify with it because they’ve had at least a few times in their life where they felt like they were sinking and needed someone to throw them a life raft, usually in the form of a new romantic interest. That’s exactly where this song hits, and therefore it resonates with a very large group of individuals.

7. The Name Of The Game (1977)

This is a song that has an upbeat tempo, yet the lyrics tell a completely different story. In fact, it’s related to finding someone that you think you could be romantically involved with, only to find out that the individual in question doesn’t really feel the same way.

The song got its title because of the games that people sometimes play as a way of manipulating others’ feelings. When you look at it in that context, it takes on a much darker meaning than the beat of the song would allow you to first believe.

6. Take A Chance On Me (1977)

On the flip side of the coin, this is a song about gaining someone’s trust. It talks about falling in love with someone and wanting that person to love you as much as you love them. The person in the song is asking this individual to take a chance on them and allow them to show them that their feelings are genuine.

5. Mama Mia (1975)

Have you ever heard anyone who is completely frustrated with something utter the phrase ‘Mamma Mia’? That’s basically what this song is referring to. One of the main lyrics in the song is ‘here we go again’, alluding to the idea of being completely flabbergasted by something that happens again and again.

The thing that makes it appealing is that the song is done in a fun way. The tempo couldn’t be much more upbeat and the song is almost told in a tongue-in-cheek manner, making the whole thing sound a lot more fun than it usually is in reality.

4. The Winner Takes It All (1980)

This is definitely one of the slower songs that the group is famous for, also being one of their later rock hits. If you think it’s about someone winning a contest, think again. It is instead a heart-wrenching song about the winner and loser in a romantic relationship, where the person who gets what they want walks away with everything and the other person is left bereft and broken. If you’ve never heard it before, you might want to get the tissues handy before you give it a listen.

3. Dancing Queen (1976)

Who doesn’t like the idea of listening to a good song that makes you want to dance? Dancing Queen was one of the most popular hits of the 1970s disco era, making it into almost every such facility that existed. It’s still popular on the radio today, for obvious reasons. Its upbeat sound is addictive, making you want to listen to it again and again.

2. Slipping Through My Fingers (2008)

This is another sad one, talking about the desire to hold on to someone that you love, yet watching them literally slip right through your fingers at every turn. It was released for the 2008 film Mamma Mia, which prominently featured ABBA’s music. In the movie, it is used to describe the mother’s feelings of watching her daughter grow up and get married. That said, it could be used effectively for any situation where a person loves someone and feels them gradually slipping further and further away.

1. Super Trouper (1980)

This is a cute song that has a very poignant meaning. At its core, it is about having a relationship with someone who is so special to you that the very thought of them galvanizes you to achieve things that you thought you couldn’t do. It talks about how seeing that special person and spending time with them gets you through the more difficult times of life, something that every person understands all too well.

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