Ranking All The Songs from The Thor Ragnarok Soundtrack

Thor Ragnarok

When Thor Ragnarok came out in theaters in November of 2017, audiences went wild. The movie is something that people love and there’s no doubt about that. However, you may not realize that if you listen to the soundtrack, you could fall in love with it just as much. As a matter of fact, here is the entire soundtrack ranked from worst to best, complete with YouTube links.

23. Planet Sakaar (Mark Mothersbaugh)


This is a song that sounds like it came straight out of the 1980s with all of the electronic sound effects to boot. It’s part- space age and part- nostalgic. You really have to hear it for yourself.

22. Grandmaster Jam Session (Mark Mothersbaugh)


Imagine if the most powerful beings on the planet were to get together for an informal jam session. That’s exactly what you have here. It’s a bit trippy, but it’s also a lot of fun.

21. Asgard Is a People (Mark Motherbaugh).


This song attempts to provide a reflection on what the people of Asgard stand for. It starts out so quietly you can scarcely even tell that it’s playing. Soon, it becomes much more powerful and frenetic in its energy, depicting the struggles that these people must go through.

20. Sakaar Chase (Mark Motherbaugh)


The beginning of this song is deceivingly peaceful. However, it doesn’t take long before it becomes a mesh of 1980s-era electro music and epic instrumental runs that are designed to get your attention.

19. Parade (Mark Mothersbaugh)


There is little doubt that this is one of the most unique sounding songs on the soundtrack. It almost sounds similar to something you would hear from the “Star Wars’ cantina. All in all, it’s a happy little tune that is likely to left your spirits if you;re having a bit of a rough day.

18. What Heroes Do (Mark Mothersbaugh)


The music here is very heavy. It’s designed to put you on the edge of your seat, something that it does quite well. That being said, there is also an element to it that sounds somewhat victorious.

17. Where’s the Sword (Mark Mothersbaugh)


You can probably tell what this one is all about by looking at its title. It’s all about finding the sword and continuing the fight. The piece does an excellent job of conveying this through music, something that is much easier said than done.

16. No One Escapes (Mark Mothersbaugh)


Imagine being in a situation where you and everyone you’ve ever loved is trapped. The energy alone is so frenetic it’s almost impossible to bear. This piece makes you feel that, even if you’ve never seen the movie before.

15. Grandmaster’s Chambers (Mark Mothersbaugh)


When you hear the first notes of this song, your mind drifts off to thoughts of traveling through time. It’s a majestic, fast-moving piece that you have to hear to believe. One thing is certain, it’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time to take a listen.

14. Hela vs. Asgard (Mark Mothersbaugh)


Two majestic societies are pitted against each other. In this piece, you hear elements of both. They are battling it out and as such, you will sometimes hear one more pointedly than the other. It’s done by design to show the push and pull of battle.

13. Weird Things Happen (Mark Mothersbaugh)


It’s true, weird things can and do happen. Imagine trying to come up with a piece of music that conveys this fact. It certainly couldn’t have been the easiest thing to do, yet the composer managed to do it so effectively that you are essentially transported to this odd place where weird things are happening, just by listening.

12. Running Short on Options (Mark Mothersbaugh)


Unfortunately, there are those times when it seems like despite your best efforts, you don’t have much going for you. This song conveys that feeling perfectly. It’s relatively short, but it carries a great deal of weight from beginning ot end.

11. Where To? (Mark Mothersbaugh)


Have you ever been confused and didn’t know whether to choose one option or the other? Most of us have felt that way, and this song brings those feelings to light. It’s accomplished through the use of a number of instruments, all playing in a manner that depicts confusion.

10. Devil’s Anus (Mark Mothersbaugh)


The first thing you’ll likely notice about this song is its rather odd title. Aside from that, it’s a powerful piece that grabs your attention early on and doesn’t let go. There’s also more than a fair share of mystery in the song to keep things interesting.

9. The Revolution Has Begun (Mark Mothersbaugh)


This is a loud piece of music that denotes the need to take up arms and fight. It still retains the 1980s vibe, but it also kicks things up a notch or two when compared to many of the other tracks.

8. Flashback (Mark Mothersbaugh)


The start of this song makes you think you’re in a horror film. From there, it takes you on a thrill ride that speeds up and slows down so much you could end up with whiplash before it’s over.

7. Go (Mark Mothersbaugh)


You know those times when you don’t have time to do anything but react? This song is all about that feeling. More importantly, it does an excellent job of communicating that fact.

6. Arena Fight (Mark Mothersbaugh)


Hearing this song will make you feel like you’ve just listened to an intense piece from Mozart. It’s powerful, intense and blood-pumping. The best part is that in the midst of all this, it still manages to be original.

5. The Vault (Mark Mothersbaugh)


This piece is filled with intrigue. You hear it and you feel like you are waiting for something to happen or to figure something out.

4. Where Am I? (Mark Mothersbaugh)


If you don’t know where you are, you’re going to feel confused. You might even feel scared. The tone this song sets is perfect in its attempt to reflect those emotions.

3. Twilight of the Gods (Mark Mothersbaugh)


This is a song that provides a bit of solace. It’s a welcome piece after listening to such an intense soundtrack. The mood is accomplished with quiet, peaceful elements that calm the body and mind.

2. Thor: Ragnarok (Mark Mothersbaugh)


This is the piece that denotes the title of the film. As such, it’s both powerful and mesmerizing. It effectively sets the stage for everything to come.

1. Ragnarok Suite (Mark Mothersbaugh)


The song helps to bring everything else you’ve heard together. It’s as if it is the piece that stitches all of the other pieces together into a cohesive group. As a result, it’s immensely powerful, yet also peaceful. At times, it’s even serene.

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