The 10 Best Songs Written By Ryan Tedder

Ryan Tedder is famous for being the frontman of OneRepublic. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he has worked on some of the group’s best-known songs. However, Tedder is also a prolific songwriter for other artists. It’s no exaggeration to say that he might be even more successful as a songwriter than a singer. After all, Tedder has worked on some of the greatest hits of the 2000s and 2010s.

Here is our opinion of the ten best songs written by Ryan Tedder so far:

10. “Faith” – Stevie Wonder Featuring Ariana Grande

Sing has become a full-fledged franchise. One can say that “Faith” played a critical role in this process. That is because it opened the soundtrack for the first Sing movie, thus paving the way for the rest. Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande performed the song. However, Tedder, Benjamin Levin, and Francis Farewell Starlite did the writing.

9. “Ghost” – Ella Henderson

“Ghost” was Ella Henderson’s debut single. It sold more than 1.8 million copies in the United Kingdom before selling more than a million copies in the United States. Thanks to that, “Ghost” made Henderson a name to watch in what seemed an instant. As the story goes, Tedder became interested in her when he saw her cover of a Drake song on the Internet. Subsequently, he got in touch with her record label, which led to the two artists hanging out before working on the hit song.

8. “Not Over You” – Gavin DeGraw

Most of Gavin DeGraw’s hits came from his early career. “Not Over You” is a notable exception to this rule because it was released on his fourth album, Sweeter. Despite this, it’s the second most successful song he has released so far, as shown by how it peaked at the number 18 position on the Billboard Hot 100. “Not Over You” didn’t achieve its goal of matching DeGraw’s debut single “I Don’t Want to Be.” Still, it went four times platinum in 2011.

7. “Wonder Woman” – John Legend

The name “Wonder Woman” is a deliberate nod to the superheroine. However, John Legend sang it about his wife, Chrissy Teigen. It’s interesting to note that Tedder also worked on the album containing “Wonder Woman” as an executive producer.

6. “Sine From Above” – Lady Gaga Featuring Elton John

“Sine From Above” comes from Lady Gaga’s Chromatica. The song is widely considered one of the album’s stand-outs. In that, it was helped by its experimental sound, which won favor with those who appreciated boldness despite the cost in other quarters.

5. “Bleeding Love” – Leona Lewis

“Bleeding Love” is and isn’t Leona Lewis’s debut single. This is because she did a cover of “A Moment Like This” for the United Kingdom and Ireland after winning The X Factor in 2006. However, the rest of the world was introduced to Lewis by “Bleeding Love,” meaning it’s her debut single as far as they are concerned. Regardless, this is her most iconic song by a considerable margin. It sold over four million copies to become the best-selling digital single in the U.S. market in its year of release. Something that made it one of the most successful releases of the 2000s as a decade. Even now, “Bleeding Love” remains Lewis’s most famous song. She has released other number-one singles. None of them have come close to matching “Bleeding Love.”

4. “I Want You to Know” – Zedd Featuring Selena Gomez

Zedd is a German DJ. He was far from being a newcomer when he released “I Want You to Know” in 2015. After all, he had already reached the top of the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs with “Stay the Night” in 2013, which isn’t even mentioning his earlier work. Still, “I Want You to Know” reached new heights by becoming a Top 40 hit in numerous countries. Tedder’s involvement was the song was no coincidence. He had already worked with Zedd before. As a result, he decided to contact Zedd when he got the idea for this song. Selena Gomez’s role was a product of chance. Zedd and Gomez ran into each other one day, which was possible because they were working in nearby studios. Soon enough, the two decided to team up. Supposedly, no one else was ever considered for the song’s vocals.

3. “Rumor Has It” – Adele

Sometimes, anger can make for great art. As the story goes, Adele was in a bad mood from talking to an ex when she started working with Tedder on what would become “Rumour Has It.” Supposedly, the song was directed at her friends for believing and spreading rumors about her and her relationships rather than the media. Whatever the case, “Rumour Has It” became a double-platinum-certified song in the United States.

2. “Burn” – Ellie Goulding

Famously, “Burn” came close to being released on Leona Lewis’s third album, Glassheart, before it was removed for being deemed not good enough. Subsequently, it made its way into the hands of Ellie Goulding, who released it on the reissue of her second album, Halcyon. Some critics weren’t too impressed by the song at the time. It was widely considered marketable. The issue was the question of its memorability. Soon afterward, “Burn” quashed all doubts by topping the charts in the United Kingdom. Similarly, it broke into the Top 20 in numerous other countries. Its peak at the number 13 position on the Billboard Hot 100 was one of its less impressive finishes.

1. “Halo” – Beyonce

Tedder’s careers as a singer and songwriter are synergistic. For proof, consider how Beyonce asked him to write a song for her because she was impressed with OneRepublic’s “Come Home” in 2007. Everything came together when Tedder called over his friend, Evan Bogart, to help him. The song didn’t reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100. However, it came close by peaking at the number five position. Perhaps unsurprisingly, “Halo” also did well outside the United States. For instance, it went 12 times platinum in Australia, meaning it’s still one of that country’s highest-selling singles ever.

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