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Shavo Odadjian Recalls on What He Thinks About SOAD with New Song

Shavo Odadjian says what he thinks about the SYSTEM OF A DOWN bandmates with a new two songs. These songs are the band’s first new music in 15 years.

One of the biggest news from last year was the unexpected return of SOAD with the new two songs. These new tracks show the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan/Turkey. Almost 15 years since the SYSTEM OF A DOWN also released any new music. These songs titled “Protect the Land” and “Genocidal Humanoidz” kinda fresh and good of course this is our review.

During the interview with Guitar World, SOAD bassist Shavo Odadjian reveals how he feels about his bandmates:

“I miss playing with those guys, I really do. Those two days we jammed were amazing. It’s like I got to eat my cake, as they say. I wish it could have gone on longer. I miss those guys and love them so much. When we connect there’s an undeniable bond – no one in the band or out of the band can say it’s not special.

We will always have it. I mean, we took 15 years off and it all came out the same exact way it used to. That shit’s not going away. It’s not just the writing, it’s the playing and energy that comes together when we are in the same room.”

He also added:

“Daron is a maniac, he’s amazing. We have many different ways of writing. I’ve brought in parts that get arranged. Also, Serj brings stuff in like ‘Question!,’ ‘Shimmy,’ ‘Vicinity of Obscenity,’ and these other beautiful songs and then there are times where Daron comes in with everything is written – vocals and everything – because he’s a singer-songwriter. How can we say no? He’s in our band and that’s the beauty of the sound we’ve developed. And that’s how these two were.

‘Genocidal Humanoidz, though,’ he wrote, and then we developed together at his house in 2017. We’re about to shoot the video for that. I’m directing again. For ‘Protect the Land’ we teamed up with some other people, it was a team effort – no one took a directing credit. We all did it. For ‘Genocidal Humanoidz,’ I took some time to develop the concept. It’s a two-and-a-half-minute song, but there’s a lot I can explain there because there’s a lot being said.

I came up with the idea with my directing partner, Adam Mason, who did the ‘Die for the Pic’ video. I hope we get to do it as soon as I hope. I don’t want to promise anything and can’t say when or how… but it’s coming!”

SYSTEM OF A DOWN‘s new album expected to come out in 2021. You can listen to the ‘Genocidal Humanoidz‘ song below!

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