The 10 Best Statler Brothers Songs of All-Time

Statler Brothers

People who love music often have their favorite acts but there are a few that seem to transcend a particular genre of music or even a certain time period. They don’t come around often, but when they do you know that you’re listening to something special. One such example of this is The Statler Brothers. They had an amazing career that started in the 1950s and lasted for several decades, singing everything from gospel to country music and many other genres in between. Below are 10 of their best songs, ranked from number 10 to number one. Check out the YouTube links attached to each song in order to hear it for yourself.

10. Child of the Fifties (1982)


As you might have guessed, this is a song about growing up during the 1950s. The song goes on to talk about how much they enjoyed growing up during that time. It wasn’t that things were always easy, but for them, things were better than the idea of growing up in modern times. In its purest sense, it’s about growing up during a time that seems almost perfect to you and then wishing that you had the opportunity to experience the same things at a much later time when everything seems a lot more confusing than it used to.

9. Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott (1973)


This particular song is in reference to the idea that people used to be able to take their kids to the cinema without worrying about whether or not they would see something or hear something that was inappropriate. Like many of the songs performed by the group, it’s designed to hearken back to what is often considered by many to be a simpler time when they didn’t have to protect people from things as much as they might need to in modern times.

8. More Than a Name on a Wall (1988)


This is one of the saddest songs that the group ever sang. It deals with the Vietnam War Memorial and tells the story of a mother who goes to it in order to see her son’s name on the wall, only to try and explain to other people who simply don’t understand that these are not merely names, but representations of actual people who had hopes, fears and dreams of their own. The song is told through the mother’s eyes and tells her son’s story through her own narrative.

7. Too Much on My Heart (1985)


This is a love song, as you might have guessed. It’s one that tells the story of a couple who just don’t see things eye-to-eye any longer. In the song, the person telling the story is talking about how much damage that has done to him as a human being as well as how it has affected his overall well-being. He goes on to explain that he doesn’t know how to make the other individual understand what he’s been through or how he feels.

6. Class of ‘57 (1984)


This is a song that talks about being in a senior class in high school and all of the things that typically go with that type of event. For people who are that age, it is a very big thing, often the most important event of their lives up to that point. There are so many hopes and dreams that go with it and so many possibilities, many of them unrealized. Unfortunately, life has a way of bringing people back to reality in some of the harshest ways possible and this song highlights that unfortunate circumstance as well.

5. Elizabeth (1983)


This is a heart-wrenching love song told from a first-hand perspective. Elizabeth is the name of the girlfriend and the person in the song is talking directly to her. It’s a song that is designed to be very melancholy in nature and it definitely accomplishes that goal. It’s also one of their biggest hits and a song that is still widely played on certain radio stations.

4. Flowers On the Wall (1965)


This is a somewhat quirky song that talks about not really having anything to do and then having to figure out what to do in order to pass the time. It’s interesting in the most unique manner possible and it’s also a song that resonated well with not only country music lovers, but fans of popular music in general. Some people would even go as far as saying that this was the song that put the group on the map, at least for those who weren’t already listening to them. It’s also a song that they went on to play in almost every concert that they did throughout their entire career. It ended up on several of their special albums and is still heard on radio stations that cater to this genre of music.

3. Do You Know You Are My Sunshine (1975)


This is a sweet song that is told from the perspective of the person singing it, telling the other individual that they are their sunshine, their everything. Any person that’s ever found their special person can identify with this song, even if they’re only hearing it for the first time.

2. Do You Remember These (1972)


This is another song that talks about days gone by. They’re asking if you remember all of the things that used to be popular, yet aren’t anymore. The song goes on to talk about how many of those things were special and it’s asking whether or not anyone else even remembers them.

1. I’ll Go to My Grave Loving You (1984)


Here, you have a song about true love that lasts no matter what the circumstances might be. The song talks about loving someone so much that they would do anything and give anything to be with them and that they will feel that way their entire life. It’s a sweet love song that has a much more positive, upbeat tempo than you usually hear with these types of songs.

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