Stranger Things Season 4 New Set Photo Reveals Millie Bobby Brown’s Character Eleven

Stranger Things season 4 set photo reveals Millie Bobby Brown‘s character Eleven. In this photo, she also on the bike and get ready for the new Stranger Things scenes.

In our latest coverage for the Stranger Things series, we shared the first episode of “The Hellfire Club” photo. Also in this photo, we see the cast Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin in the series. Netflix‘s highly-anticipated drama-fantasy series season 4 waiting by the fans. And, the cast members gathered up in set for the upcoming and new season coming also in 2021.

This upcoming series also will include new cast members like Maya Hawke‘s real brother and Priah Ferguson. And, the series social media account is updating sometimes with new photos or videos from the upcoming season. Now, we saw the Eleven is also known for Millie Bobby Brown‘s character.

Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date and Last Updates

Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation about the season 4 release date. But we guess Stranger Things 4 will release this Spring or Summer 2021.

Shawn Levy is the producer of the show and talked about season 4: 

“I mean I will say we have a good sense of stuff that happens in season 4. Season 4 is definitely happening. There’s very much the possibility of a season beyond that one, that’s currently undecided.

And what I would just say is part of the chaos and fun of this particular show is that while the Duffers and the writer’s room and we producers outline the entire season, the Duffers really use the writing process to revisit, reassess and question all of their prior assumptions.

So even though we always start off with a good sense of the major arcs of the season. We’re always ready for shifts and surprises because if the Duffers stumble into a different or surprising inspiration while they rewrite the script.

We are going to follow that inspiration and throw out some ideas in order to embrace some new ones that are more exciting. And I have no doubt that season 3 will be no exception.”

In this photo, we saw Eleven on the bike and posted on Instagram with: “NOVEMBER ELEVEN.”

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