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Three Days Grace

Our ranking of all Three Days Grace studio albums looks at all the albums from this successful band from Ontario, Canada. The band has released a total of six albums, all of which have featured prominently on the Billboard charts. They have also sold millions of records globally, with their first three albums being certified platinum by the RIAA. If you are a big fan of this band, you will definitely love to check out our ranking of all Three Days Grace studio albums, which we have ranked.

6. Human (2015)


The fear that many fans had about the departure of Adam Gontier in 2013 was warranted, and this album proved that. It’s usually easy for a band to replace a guitarist, a drummer, or even a bassist. However, replacing the lead vocalist is quite daunting and may result in the band losing its identity. When Adam Gontier resigned from the band in 2013, Matt Walst from My Darkest Days stepped in to become an official band member. Although his vocals perfectly fit the classic Three Days Grace sound and style, the band wasn’t quite the same without Adam Gontier. All in all, the album contained some of the band’s biggest jams, such as “Human Race,” “Painkiller,” and “I Am Machine.” “Painkiller” is the second track in the album, and it brings a heaviness in the band’s sound, similar to what we were so used to them. “Fallen Angel” is another great track lyrically, focussing on people who have gone through so much that they are broken spiritually and mentally. Despite some good songs in the album, the latter songs that closed the album seemed to be filler tracks.

5. Outsider (2018)


Outsider was released on 9th March 2018 and was the second album to feature Matt Walst as the lead vocalist and the band’s sixth studio album. The main message in the album was meant to encourage people who were feeling stuck and annoyed with life. The band took time to work on the album in as much isolation as possible. Unlike the 2015 album, Human, this one showed that there was much familiarity and better chemistry between the band members. The album’s lead single, “Mountain,” is anthemic and has a positive vibe, encouraging people to keep pushing because the spirit to conquer is in them. The eleventh song in the album is called “The New Real,” as the band attempt to show what society has become. Like most of their previous albums, Outsider is collaborative, and we see the band complement each other well.

4. Transit of Venus


The album title and release date of Transit of Venus were announced on 5th June 2012, when Venus’s transit across the sun was visible. Transit of Venus was also the last album to feature Adam Gontier as the band’s lead vocalist. The album debuted on the US Billboard 200 at number 5 and was nominated for Best Rock Album at the 2014 Juno Awards ceremony. The main goal of recording and releasing this album was to experiment with new instrumentations and layers without departing from the band’s sound. Although you will be disappointed if you were expecting another One-X, Transit of Venus was still a solid album.

3. Three Days Grace



The number three album on our ranking of all the Three Days Grace studio albums is the self-titled release from the year 2003, which was the only album that the band released as a trio. In terms of the dark and angry tone, no other Three Days Grace album comes close to this one. Although it was not their best album, it was a great way to start their career. Some distinct flaws in the album were that Gontier’s vocals sounded a little rough, and the band lacked a clear, distinct sound. Despite these flaws, the album is quite edgy, aggressive, and catchy. One of the standout tracks in the album is “I Hate Everything About You,” which is one of the main reasons why the album was classified as catchy. The track features some memorable Gontier lines as he pours out his emotions. If you are a fan of Papa Roach, 3 Doors Down, and Sick Puppies, you will definitely enjoy listening to this album.

2. Life Starts Now


After the commercially successful One X album, Three Days Grace again teamed up with the same producer, Howard Benson, in what was a lighter lyrical album than One X.The album’s production began in early 2009, and the album was released on 22nd September of the same year. The album was quite personal, and it confronted how fragile life can be after many days that the band spent on tour. The album featured some symbolic artwork that depicted the beginning of a new life after all the childhood memories had faded. The album featured some of the best Three Days Grace songs that you will come across such as, “The Good Life,” and “World So Close.” The album debuted at position three on the US Billboard 200 and sold 79,000 copies during its first week. All songs in the album topped the Rock Charts except for the fourth single, “Lost In You.” The album was also nominated for the award of Best Rock Album at the 2010 Juno Awards and has been certified platinum in Canada.

1. One X


One X is undoubtedly the greatest album by Three Days Grace. The album was released in 2006, and it was the band’s first album in which they released as a four-piece with Adam Gontier, Barry Stock, Brad Walst, and Neil Sanderson all present. The majority of the songs in the album are deeply personal, which reflects on the band members’ inner struggles. A lot of the content in the album was written by Adam Gontier, who had come back from rehab over his Oxycontin addiction. The alum made its debut on the US Billboard 200 at number five with “Animal I Have Become,” “Pain,” “Never Too Late,” and “Riot” being the first singles to be released from the album. Ever since One X was released, the album looked to be above the rest, and there is no song that you can skip while listening to the album.

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