10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tierra Whack

Over the last several years, there have been lots of debates over whether or not hip-hop music is dead. However, artists like Tierra Whack are proof that the genre is still alive and well. Tierra hasn’t been in the industry for long, but she’s already making her mark. Her immeasurable creativity combined with her unique style have come together to create the perfect combination. Although she hasn’t achieved a lot of mainstream success yet, she’s built a solid fan base full of people who love to hear her music. Since the release of her debut album, Whack World, in 2018, there are a lot of people who are eagerly awaiting her next release. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Tierra Whack.

1. Her Name Is Really Tierra Whack

Tierra Whack is such a cool sounding name that many people probably assume that she made it up for the sake of her career. That, however, isn’t the case. Her legal name is actually Tierra Helena Whack. Prior to rapping under her birth name, she also went by the name Dizzle Dizz.

2. She’s A Philly Native

When people talk about rappers from Philadelphia, Tierra Whack is often left off the list. That’s likely because many people don’t know that she’s from the city. She was born and raised in North Philadelphia and has lived there for her entire life with the exception of a brief stint in Atlanta. Tierra loves Philadelphia and finds that it’s the place where she feels most creative.

3. She’s A Poet

In addition to writing music, Tierra has also written poetry for much of her life. Her poems became an early way for her to express herself and she eventually went on to perform spoken word poetry at different venues in her area. There’s no doubt that her work as a poet heavily influences her songwriting style.

4. She Doesn’t Smoke Or Drink

Hip-hop culture is often associated with smoking and drinking, but Tierra What doesn’t do either of those things. Some people may be surprised by this because there seems to be a large number of people who are under the impression that Tierra is usually high.

5. She Was A Shy Kid

Being shy isn’t a characteristic that people tend to associate with people in the music industry. However, a lot of performers are actually shy people and Tierra is one of them – or, at least she used to be. When Tierra was younger, she was very shy which ultimately caused her to turn to writing as a way to get her thoughts and feelings out.

6. She Wants To Spread Good Vibes

As an artist, one of Tierra’s most important goals is to entertain her listeners. That isn’t the only thing she wants to do, though. One of the main things she wants to do through her music is help spread good vibes to all who come in contact with her work. So far, I think it’s safe to say that she’s off to a great start

7. She’s Allergic To Bugs

There are plenty of people out there who prefer not to be around bugs, but staying away from bugs is a much bigger deal for Tierra. According to an article in The New Yorker, Tierra has “a severe allergy to insects”. This is something she poked fun at in the music video for her song “Bug’s Life”.

8. She Loves Doing Puzzles

Working in the entertainment industry can be hectic and overwhelming, however, as a creator sometimes it’s nice to be able to quiet the noise and go at your own pace. One of Tierra’s favorite ways to do that is by doing puzzles. She loves the process of putting the pieces together and finds it similar to the songwriting process.

9. Her Mom Is One Of Her Biggest Inspirations

Tierra has a very close relationship with her mom and has been fortunate to have her support throughout her journey as an artist. Tierra often cites her mother as one of her biggest inspirations and the two have even worked together. Tierra’s mom helped her come up with the hook for her song “Unemployed”.

10. She’s Worked With

Beyonce is arguably the biggest name in the music industry, and working with her is considered a huge honor. Tierra is one of the lucky people who can say that she’s gotten the chance to collaborate with Queen Bey. She was featured on the song “My Power” off of the album The Lion King: The Gift which was curated by Beyonce.

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