The 10 Best Leo Dan Songs of All-Time

Leo Dan is an Argentine singer who became one of the most notable Spanish-language artists of the 20th century. Interested individuals can see proof of his success in the dozens of studio albums he has released throughout his multi-decade career.

To an extent, this happened because Dan took inspiration from Mexican mariachi music, which enabled him to build an enthusiastic fan base in that country. Still, that wouldn’t have been possible in the first place if it wasn’t for his talent and his willingness to hone his talent.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Leo Dan songs ever released:

10. “A la Sombra de Mi Mama”

Love isn’t a single emotion. Instead, it comes in different forms directed at different people. For the most part, we see songs about romantic love. There is nothing wrong with that.

Romantic love is one of the great motivators of human existence, meaning it merits a place of prominence in pop culture. Still, its overwhelming presence makes other songs about other kinds of love stand out through their novelty. “A la Sombra de Mi Mama” sees the viewpoint character begging God for his mother to continue living, thus making it a powerful show of familial love.

9. “El Solitario”

Of course, Dan is no stranger to songs about romantic love. “El Solitario” is proof of that, though it is far from being the happiest song ever recorded. After all, its name makes it clear exactly what it is, an expression of profound, soul-crushing loneliness.

8. “Mary Isabel”

Unsurprisingly, “Mary Isabel” is a love song directed at a woman by that name. The funny thing is that it has a certain sense of insouciance. Initially, the song goes on about the viewpoint character’s undying love for the titular character.

Later, the lyrics mention how he will forget her if she stops loving him. That might be a healthier attitude than clinging to an ex forever. Even so, that undermines the preceding message.

7. “Esto”

Meanwhile, “Esto” is a more general musing on love. Essentially, it says that a successful romantic relationship is built on a double coincidence of wants. That is to say, both people involved want to love the other and be loved by the other.

Unfortunately, a double coincidence of wants is far from being guaranteed. Often, people feel affection for someone else without that sentiment being reciprocated, meaning love can be a recipe for heartache.

For that matter, a successful romantic relationship relies on a double coincidence of wants lasting, thus making it that much more impressive when a couple pulls it off.

6. “Fanny”

“Fanny” comes from the start of Dan’s career. After all, it was on his self-titled debut album in 1963. Despite this, “Fanny” holds its own quite well compared with its later counterparts, meaning it has more than earned a position on this list.

5. “Santiago Querido”

Speaking of which, “Santiago Querido” is another song from the earliest part of Dan’s career. Specifically, it came out in 1964, meaning it is one of the songs released to follow up on his initial success. Fittingly, “Santiago Querido” is a warm song.

That isn’t particularly unusual for something out of Dan’s repertoire. What makes “Santiago Querido” amazing is its ability to stand out despite that fact.

4. “Normita”

Dan has recorded numerous love songs. As such, it makes sense that some of them are more memorable than others. For instance, there is “Normita,” a pledge of love to the titular character with a sort of coaxing feel to the whole thing.

3. “Mary Es Mi Amor”

Chances are good that interested individuals can guess that “Mary Es Mi Amor” is a love song. Even if they don’t understand Spanish, they might be capable of translating the song title because it is more or less the same as its English counterpart.

Failing that, interested individuals can still tell that Mary is a person’s name, which doesn’t leave a lot of possibilities for what the song’s lyrics are about. Regardless, “Mary Es Mi Amor” is another song that can claim the distinction of being one of Dan’s better love songs.

On top of that, it is somewhat amusing because the viewpoint character professes his undying love for the titular character, so much so that he doesn’t want to live without her. Considering the sheer number of love songs Dan has recorded, one can’t help but imagine some entertaining scenes in one’s mind.

2. “Por un Caminito”

“Por un Caminito” is a later release from the late 1980s. As such, while it touches upon much the same themes as the other names on this list, it benefited by being the work of a much more experienced artist.

For that matter, “Por un Caminito” has a certain sweetness because it reminds the listener of how wonderful it can be when we are next to our loved ones. Thanks to that, it encourages us to treasure those dear to us because they make life so much better through their presence.

1. “Celia”

It can be difficult to determine the best of Dan’s love songs. Everyone has their thoughts on what makes music special. As such, one person can have a very different opinion from another while remaining perfectly valid.

Still, if people were forced to choose, many would go with “Celia” from Dan’s self-titled debut album. It sounds a bit dated nowadays, particularly since its lyrics can seem so strange when the world has changed so much around it.

However, that has enhanced its charm rather than detract from it, thus enabling it to claim the top spot on this list.

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