The 10 Best Lorna Shore Songs of All-Time

Lorna Shore

Lorna Shore is an American deathcore band based in Warren County, New Jersey. This band was formed in 2008 and officially registered in 2010. The group is currently composed of four members: Adam De Micco as the guitarist, Austin Archey as the drummer, Andrew O’Connor as the rhythm guitarist, and Will Ramos as the vocalist. Since their formation, the band has released three complete EPs. Apart from their prominence in the Metal Alliance Tour, the band has also toured alongside bands like the Chelsea Grin, Carnifex, Black Dahlia Murder band, and many others. Lorna Shore have also participated in festivals such as the known Skate and Surf Festival, Hardcore Festival Stage, South by So What Festivals, and the Never Say Never Festivals. Lorna Shore’s music is generally a blend of tech elements, darkened thrash, and metalcore brutally broken down into an aural assault. The band released their first album in 2015 before releasing a second album dubbed “Flesh Coffin” in 2017. Their third album “Immortal” was released in 2020. The band has scheduled to release its fourth debut album in 2021. Lorna Shore have attracted many followers over the years due to their style and flow. To get the heat of this band, here is a detailed list of the ten best Lorna Shore songs of all time.

10. War Path of Disease


“War Path of Disease” is a song from the band’s third album “Immortal.” The track describes the world as a cancerous space full of the pathogen that are freeing the body and mind with every breath exhaled. With its well-blended humor and exposed truth of life, warpath is a song that rings in the ears after hours of attentive listening. The song opens the mind to a broader view of natural life.

9. Hollow Sentence


At position nine in our list of Lorna Shore’s greatest songs is the track “Hollow Sentence.” The song reveals how one can live an empty life drifting from reality and dying lonely in your own thoughts. The track features some great blast brutes, filthy lyrics, and extremely growling vocals. The track explains how some life choices like bitterness, lack of empathy, being cold-hearted and emotionless may lead us to dig our own grave.

8. Fvneral Moon


According to drummer Austin Archey, fvneral moon is the darkest and most melody-driven song from the band. The song perfectly captures and portrays their vision. He acknowledges that their director, Joey Durango, significantly contributed to its success. Tom Barber points out how people get lost in their jobs and social life and forget to live their lives fully. There is still some beauty in the struggle of life. The song’s message is that no one is perfect; regardless of the wounds and mistakes you make in life, you can always rise and fulfill your purpose.

7. King Of Deception


“King Ov Deception” is one of the hit songs that Lorna Shore released in January 2020. The song opens our minds to how simple evil acts can lead to destruction and cause nations to take dangerous routes. Vices such as corruption, rituals, mistrust, the greed of possessions, and obscure thoughts and vision all have a negative impact if they are not controlled.

6. Darkest Spawn


“Darkest Spawn” is the second song the band released after the departure of vocalist Tom Barber who left for the Chelsea Grin band. This song champions their new vocalist CJ McCreery (who later left the band). The track features some thunderous beats of drums which slowly turn to intense blasts as the vocals shift in diverse ranges in sync with the drums.

5. Life of Fear


In the song “Life of Fear,” the vocals move perfectly in sync with the drums and the strings. Moreover, the flow is so unique that you can easily lose yourself in the entertainment. Life of Fear illustrates how people escape all the mysteries of life. With the eternal cycles of regression, we always sit at the mercies of our maker and shift at the tides of man.

4. To the Hellfire


“To the Hellfire” is the first track featuring Will Ramos as the band’s new vocalist. This track is contained in the band’s latest EP, “And I Return to Nothingness.” After making some waves on TikTok, the track went on to hit the Spotify Viral 50 charts in the U.S.

3. This Is Hell


CJ McCreepy is considered a legendary vocalist in the deathcore scene, which makes “This Is Hell” more enticing to the fans. The track was a complete game-changer in the history of the band. This song contains a powerful sound both on the instrumental and vocals. A section of Lorna Shore fans consider the track as one of their greatest songs.

2. Death Portrait


Death portrait is found in the third album of the Lorna Shore band. The song unveils the intensity and emotion laid behind the entire record. Coupled with the entire footage, the melodious song gives the listener a proper journey through the darkness used in creating the entire album. The song’s video is also quite incredible and would make anyone curl their face into an expression of happiness and disgust.

1. Immortal


Immortal is a haughty proclamation of brutality and finely tuned magnificence. The lyrics of the track are terrifying and overly-laden with tech and blasphemy scenes. With this track, Lorna Shore proved that they are no longer underground underdogs. In case you choose to go to bed on this song, it would mean a series of countless nightmares for you. However, if you are a fan of metalcore, you will love the song, and you can enjoy it without fearing its horrific side. The song brings to life the imagination of hell-on-earth, a battle between light and darkness with the keys layered equally and well-calculated growls.

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