The 10 Best Opeth Songs of All-Time


The Swedish progressive metal rock group known as Opeth was founded out of Stockholm, Sweden in 1989 by lead vocalist and guitarist David Isberg. Opeth got its name from “Opet”, which means “City of the Moon”. It was derived from Wilbur Smith’s novel (The Sunbird). It is a fictional Phoenician city located in South Africa. David Isberg is credited as being the official founder of the seminal Swedish progressive death metal genre by creating Opeth. David Isberg also later became known as DJ Drake after becoming a highly successful dee-jay of independent music, electronic music, and old-school metal genres. When David Isberg asked the 16-year-old Mikael Akerfeldt to join Opeth, he failed to inform the rest of the band members of his decision. When Akerfeldt showed up, tensions rose to the point where only Isberg and Akerfeldt were left behind to pursue Opeth’s vision on their own.

From there, they brought on a new roster that included Anders Nordin as the drummer, Nick Doring as the bassist, and Andreas Dimeo as the guitarist. However, Doring and Dimeo left shortly afterward as they felt Opeth’s progress as a band was moving too slow for their liking. After a few more changes to Opeth’s lineup, in the end, Akerfeldt took over the band in 1992 after Isberg left due to creative differences. Isberg’s departure from the band is what brought him to become DJ Drake. As for Akerfeldt, he remains at the helm of Opeth and still continues to record and tour within the genre of progressive metal rock. So far, Opeth has released a total of 13 studio albums, 4 live albums, 3 box sets, 17 official singles, 4 video albums, and 6 music videos.

10. To Bid You Farewell


Released in 1996 from the album (Morningrise) is the song (To Bid You Farewell) that has some of Opeth’s fans argue it should have received better reviews from the critics.

9. The Drapery Falls


It is noted among Opeth’s music critics and fans the transition of the song (The Drapery Falls) from death metal to progressive. Coming from their 2001 album (Blackwater Park), is commented to be the best Opeth has ever recorded to date.

8. Black Rose Immortal


Coming from their 1996 album (Morningrise) features the song (Black Rose Immortal) that plays for 20 minutes and 15 seconds. It is one of the longest songs Opeth has recorded and is among the favorites, according to the votes and reviews of their fans who frequent sites such as The Top Tens.

7. Reverie/Harlequin Forest


The mix of Akerfeldt’s melodic vocals with his harrowing growl contributed towards this two-part song (Reverie/Harlequin Forest) plays for 12 minutes and 43 seconds and is a favorite among their fans. The album (Ghost Reveries) was first released on August 30, 2005. While no individual song stood out as a chart-topper, the album itself served as Opeth’s global introduction as one of the metal bands to watch coming out of Europe.

6. Deliverance


On November 12, 2002, Opeth releases their sixth studio album (Deliverance). From it, the single with the same title quickly earns a spot among their fans and critics as a personal favorite. According to many of their fans, Deliverance feels like a song designed to take the listener away to a dark adventure of epic proportions.

5. In My Time of Need


(In My Time of Need) starts off slow and melodic, which fans of Opeth seem to appreciate before breaking into the progressive metal this band is best known for. It comes from their 2003 album (Damnation). Another common comment made by the more mature fans of Opeth is how there is the 1970s feel about how the song is played out.

4. Bleak


Coming from the 2001 album (Blackwater Park) is the song (Bleak), which many of their fans consider as their all-time personal favorite. The foreboding mood, combined with the catchy lyrics, sees Opeth mixing death metal with progressive metal perfectly.

3. The Moore


The fourth album (Still Life) was released on October 19, 1999, and its single (The Moore) quickly became a cult favorite among many metal music fans that leaned towards the more narrowed down genres of black metal, death metal, and progressive metal. Among the European radio stations that play metal music, it is among the most requested by their listeners. One common comment made by fans who have followed Opeth’s music career since the beginning points out how unusually fluent The Moore plays out, which is a contrast to the style they were playing at the time.

2. Ghost of Perdition


Stemming from their 2006 album (Ghost Reveries) is the single (Ghost of Perdition), which proves to be a cult favorite among (not just) Opeth’s fans. Among clubs and radio stations that feature the metal music genre, Ghost of Perdition is one of the most requested singles coming from Opeth’s discographic portfolio of all time so far. Another common comment that gets passed around regarding this song is how “epic” it feels each time they hear it.

1. Blackwater Park


Agreed among most Opeth fans who have favorite lists of their own, the lead track (Blackwater Park) comes from their 2001 album of the same name. This lengthy song plays for 12 minutes and 13 seconds, but Opeth fans love it from start to finish. According to their music critics, not only is the song Opeth’s best work but the entire album. According to Death Doom, Blackwater Park is an exhibition of Opeth while they were still at the peak of their metal music career.

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