The 10 Best Rock Hits from 1976


1976 will remain a special year to some. If you ask some people what they remember about the year, you will get varied responses. Some will remember it as the period when boxer Rubin Carter retired. Others will remember it as a time when Jimmy Carter won the Iowa Democratic Caucus. However, we will remember it as the year that gave us some of the best rock hits. The beauty of rock hits from that year was that there were diverse rock sub-genres. You cannot say the same for 1980s rock. According to Wall Street Journal, glam rock was the dominant sub-genre in the 1980s. With that brief introduction, it is time to delve into the 1976 songs. Here are the top ten best rock hits from 1976.

10. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart- Elton John Ft Kiki Dee

The two musicians play the role of lovers. Elton John is worried that Kiki may break his heart, and there is a psychological term for that. According to Healthline, Elton’s fear of being heartbroken is called Pistanthrophobia. There are many reasons for this condition. However, in Elton’s case, he is new to romance. So he feels Kiki may dump him since he has no idea how to be romantic.

9. Beth-Kiss

This song is about a man who spends a lot of time touring with his band. His endless tours begin to put a strain on his relationship with his girlfriend, Beth. She continually asks him to come home, yet the man still devotes much time touring. In this song, it is hard to determine whether the man or Beth is right. The man has a right to tour since it is what earns him money. However, the woman is justified in feeling sidelined.

8. Somebody to Love- Queen

The song is about a man who is desperate to find love. He is so desperate that he asks people to find someone he might love. What the man is experiencing is what some of us have gone through at some point. However, there are things you can do to avoid feeling worthless about your singlehood. According to Very Well Mind, you can do that by focusing on singlehood’s benefits and not comparing yourself with others.

7. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap- AC/DC

This song is about a hitman who is more than happy to offer his services. In the first verse, he meets a female student who the principal is harassing. The girl wants to graduate from her school, but the principal is not willing to let her graduate. This principal says he will only let her graduate if she sleeps with him. The hitman, therefore, wants to eliminate the principal. Next, he meets a girl whose boyfriend has been cheating on her. Like the principal, he is willing to kill the boyfriend.

6. Couldn’t Get It Right- Climax Blues Band

This song is full of double meanings. In the chorus, a man talks about looking for a sign at midnight. Some could assume that he is seeking some revelation. Also, he could be talking about the Holiday Inn sign. If you see this sign, it means you will find places to spend the night. Next, he talks about being unable to see the light. One could assume he does not understand a certain issue. Or, the light could be from hotel lights since he needs a place to sleep.

5. Do Ya- Electric Light Orchestra

A man seems to be enamored with a certain woman. He decides to convince her why she should choose him. In the first verse, he identifies the things he has witnessed. He talks about seeing pigs watching slides and babies dancing in the midnight sun. These are events that would not happen in real life. He then follows that up by admitting he has never seen a woman like her. By admitting that, he is telling her that she is more unique than the aforementioned events.

4. Fly Like an Eagle- Steve Miller Band

In this song, a man is worried about how fast time is slipping. As a result, he decides that there are certain things he must do. For instance, he would like to feed babies, give children shoes and house the homeless. So, if you want to do these good deeds, you should begin as early as now.

3. Tonight’s the Night- Rod Stewart

This man persuades a certain woman to make love to him. Before he makes love to her, he takes charge by asking her to do some things. He asks her to disconnect the telephone, draw the blinds and take off her gown. His lyrics may seem aggressive to some. However, he is clearly communicating his intentions.

2. More Than a Feeling- Boston

The song is about a man who struggles to get over his ex-girlfriend, Marianne. When he listens to a particular song, it instantly reminds him of her. However, he is not able to describe why the song reminds her of him. The narrator likens the song to a dream. In his dream, he sees Marianne. As you know, dreams do not last long. So, the narrator gets disappointed whenever that happens since that is how close he will get to seeing her. In order to forget her, he listens to some music.

1. The Runaways- Cherry Bomb

This song is about a girl who is yearning to get into trouble. She does not want to be at home or school. Instead, she wants to exhibit wild behavior by having a lot of wild sex. Her lifestyle is frowned upon by old people who term her a “poor little fool.” The girl is aware that people expect her to be the girl next door. However, she prefers to be foxy, which is its subversion.


Some people have some negative perceptions about rock. They may assume that the genre only talks about sex and drugs. However, if they listen to the songs from this article, they will likely change their mind. We have a song that talks about doing charitable activities and one that tackles vices like sexual harassment.

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