The 10 Best Songs about The Weekend


People who work 9 to 5 jobs have invented many colorful phrases to get them through the week, including hump day for Wednesday and thank God it’s Friday to celebrate the final hours of their workweek. However, what they really want to do is let loose for forty-eight hours before returning to the daily grind. Some people use their weekends to get caught up on household chores or for side projects and entrepreneurial dreams they hope will free them from the rat race. Others are weekend warriors who spend their weekends living it up only to regret it on Monday mornings. Weekends are also the only time many people get to spend with their significant others. However, people choose to spend their weekends. It’s become an iconic staple in American culture, eliciting feelings of freedom and relaxation that end too quickly. These are the 10 best songs about the weekend.

10. Chattahoochee – Alan Jackson


According to Saving Country Music, Jim McBride and Alan Jackson were in the studio and wanted to write a song that was uptempo unlike many of Jackson’s songs that focus on faith and family. McBride is the one who came up with the line “way down yonder on the Chattahoochee.” From there, the song wrote itself. It’s about small-town weekends and relaxing on the lake. Jackson’s lyrics are inspired by his childhood growing up in Georgia. The lyrics evoke high school boys and describe weekends free from school. Additionally, there are many references to the trials of growing up. As the song progresses, it becomes a fun reminisce about younger days and the simple problems in life versus those you face as you gain more responsibility. Despite being released in the early 90s, the song sounds like traditional country.

9. Kings of the Weekend – Blink 182


Blink 182s late 90s punk style shines on this song. Much like there are songs, it’s a kickback get the wild and crazy music. Even though it shows a bit more responsibility than other tracks. The driving beat lends itself to the problems with the weekends ending too quickly. The refrain “save me from the worst” details the 9 to 5 grind many people face.

8. A Sunday Kind of Love – Etta James


James’ voice sounds haunting over this jazz standard. The lyrics chronicle the feelings of being alone in life, wishing we had someone. The violins in the background, and the metaphor of Sunday, allude to the sense of having the world vanish while we’re in the midst of a relationship when everything seems to come to a halt.

7. Here Comes the Weekend – P!nk (Featuring Eminem)


P!nk’s song is a celebration of the weekend and wants to let loose without creating drama. The instrumentation has a techno feel, perfect for playing loudly as you leave the parking lot at work. It’s a high-energy song about letting your hair down and dancing with friends while drinking a little too much and having a few regrets on Monday morning. Eminem’s rap in the last minute of the song adds even more debauchery to the song. This song is not for people who want to get caught up on their days off.

6. Working For The Weekend – Loverboy


People hate one of the things people hate: having to work over the weekend after they’ve already put in their 40 hours. The song is a favorite from the 1980s. Rather than socializing around, a guy stays focused. However, they want to share that success with someone. The guitars and drums in this song are standard to many songs of the decade, and much like other songs, it has infectious lyrics perfect for karaoke.

5. Sunday Morning – Maroon 5


Songs about Jane was Maroon 5’s freshman album. This song was one of its singles. Adam Levine’s falsetto and dreamy instrumentation create the laid-back of a Sunday spent with nowhere to go. However, there is an underlying moodiness because the person in the song wishes the one he lost is there with him. The lyrics are a picture of what could be on this day if she returned. You can almost picture rain during this song because of the wistful wishes.

4. Sunday Morning Coming Down – Johnny Cash


This song is another track from Cash’s hit album At Folsom Prison. One of the battles Cash faced through his career, addiction. The lyrics of this song sound personal and detail a person who spends his weekend drinking and then has to face working hours. The light bells in the background music add a bit of hope. However, the song’s refrain is about the character feeling melancholy and wanting to drink away his sadness. His walk through town watching other people enjoying more traditional Sunday activities is something many people can identify with because they have made choices that lead them away from these paths and can turn to isolation.

3. Manic Monday – The Bangles


One of the worst things about the weekend is fearing that you are one step closer to Monday morning and having to shake off the weekend with each hour that passes. The Bangle celebrate the start of the week’s catastrophes with this uptempo song. It’s also fun to wish it was the weekend again, and know you’ll need to wait five more days for another.

2. Friday I’m In Love – The Cure


The Cure’s songs are bluesy and atmospheric. This song is about our feelings each day during the week as we start the countdown to the weekend. The lyrics are also about a relationship that follows the days of a week and how it changes with each passing day and then reverts back to the same pattern. It’s an excellent parallel because it’s much the same way people feel during their work week.

1. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson (Featuring Bruno Mars)


Dance into the weekend with this song. Even though you might be Michael Bolton from Office Space during your 9 to 5, you can turn this song up as you leave your glowing computer screen and shed the nerd image. However, it’s also a club song with a lot of white boy overbite. Nonetheless, it’s a great upbeat song that the Seahawks parodied to celebrate their team. If you need a boost as your weekend winds down, this would also be a great selection.

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