The 10 Best T. Graham Brown Songs of All-Time

T. Graham Brown has been a mainstay on the music circuit since the early 1970s. As a matter of fact, he recorded his first album in 1973. Since that time, he has recorded no less than 12 additional studio albums. He’s also had more than 20 hits. Below are ten of his best songs.

10. The Last Resort (1987)

Just like the title implies, this is a song about two people getting away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives by going to a resort. However, that’s only scratching the surface. On a deeper level, the song is much more about two people who have been together for a very long time, and who feel like they’ve lost something of themselves over the years.

They’re going to this resort in hopes of finding whatever it was they think they lost. Ultimately, they’re trying to rekindle their love and they’re hoping that a change of scenery and a change of pace will do the trick.

9. Come As You Were (1988)

The setting in this song involves a party but there is not much of a party feel to the song at all. As a matter of fact, the tune is about a broken-hearted lover who is inviting his estranged significant other to the party. In the lyrics, he’s telling her to come like she used to be when she still loved him, not like she is now when she doesn’t care.

It’s one of those somewhat strange songs that almost sounds like it should be happy from both the tempo and the title, yet the lyrics couldn’t be any more of a polar opposite if they tried.

8. She Couldn’t Love Me Anymore (1987)

Here you have a song that is exactly what the title implies. It talks about two people who are supposedly in love. The lyrics in the song say that she loved this individual with her whole heart, always giving everything she had and never expecting much in return. Unfortunately, he couldn’t figure out that he had something special until it was too late.

The lyrics go on to talk about how he took her for granted and treated her badly until one day, she finally had enough and left. It was only then that he realized what he was missing.

7. Brilliant Conversationalist (1987)

This is a somewhat humorous song that talks about somebody being very good at conversation, yet they’re not really saying much at all. Instead, they’re doing all of their talking with their body language and the way they dress.

Of course, the song takes things on a bit of a laughable turn, as it talks about someone speaking about this from the perspective of a man in a bar who sees a woman walk through the doors. However, it gives food for thought. People often do their best talking with the way they act as opposed to what they say.

6. Wine Into Water (1998)

This is a truly heartbreaking song that tells the story of an alcoholic who is begging God to save him from his addiction so he can stop hurting the people he loves most. It gets its title from the story in the Bible where Jesus turns water into wine. In the song, the individual telling the story is asking him to turn that wine back into water so he can stop wanting to drink all the time.

5. If You Could Only See Me Now (1990)

This is a song about two people who are in love, but it doesn’t work out. Eventually, the two individuals in the song decide to split up. However, the one that is telling the story never really got over the relationship. He often sits and reminisces about what it might be like if his significant other could see what he’s like today, wondering if things would be any different.

4. Don’t Go to Strangers (1986)

This is another song about love gone wrong as well as drinking. The lyrics suggest that a couple has had a significant argument, one that was bad enough to make her leave the house and he ends up at the bar. He’s making his rounds as one bar after another in the town closes down for the night.

All the while, he’s wondering where she is. He has no idea where she’s gone and he can’t get in touch with her. The title of the song comes from his concern that she’s gone off with another man, unbeknownst to him.

3. Darlene (1988)

This is one of Brown’s staples, and it probably won’t come as any surprise that it too is telling the story from the perspective of someone talking to the person he’s in a relationship with. In the song, he’s talking to someone named Darlene and he’s telling her not to leave because she won’t be able to do any better than him. The song goes on as he promises that he will do better himself and that she would be making a mistake if she left him.

2. I Tell It Like It Used to Be (1986)

This is the song that has the storyteller talking about how he always tells everyone the truth, no matter how difficult that truth might be to hear. However, he admits that when people ask him about his significant other, he talks about the situation like it was back when they were actually still in love. The truth of the matter is that she has since left him and he doesn’t want to admit to anyone what happened.

1. Hell and High Water (1986)

Finally, you have a song about someone that is going through a difficult time. The person singing the song is talking about how he will always be there for that individual, no matter what. It’s a song that is meant to show support for those individuals who are going through a tough time.

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