The 10 Best Camilo Sesto Songs of All-Time

Camilo Sesto was one of the foremost Spanish singers of his time. In addition to singing, he was also a music producer who had a penchant for writing a number of his own songs.

He practically defined a generation, claiming to have sold more than 175 million records during his lifetime. Active until his death in 2019, he clearly had a passion for music that knew no bounds. Here are 10 of his best.

10. El amor de my vida (1978)

This is something of a heart-wrenching love song that talks about how losing a particular love hurts more than death itself. In fact, the lyrics go on to talk about how losing this particular individual must be a punishment from God for some terrible wrong that has been done in the past.

It’s the only thing that the storyteller can think of that would do any justice to why this particular event has unfolded in the way that it has.

9. Melina (1975)

You might have already guessed it from the title, since the title is in fact a woman’s name. Not surprisingly, this is a song that serves as a love letter written to a particular woman.

It equates her love to all of the great and powerful things in nature such as the power of a volcano and the sunlight that warms the earth. It also talks about how this particular individual has had to go through a lot of trials and tribulations at the hands of others and how now, all of that is behind them.

8. Algo de Mi (1972)

This is a really sad song that talks about falling in love with the wrong person. Obviously, the storyteller didn’t know what he now knows. At the time, he thought that the individual in question loved him just as much as he loved her.

As it turns out, she was only using him to get what she wanted. The lyrics in the song talk about the pain involved in discovering that fact and then having to live with it.

7. Piel de Angel (1975)

This is a truly beautiful song that talks about always being there for someone you love, no matter what. The lyrics in the song discuss how time, distance, nor anything else will ever stop two individuals who are truly meant to be together from loving and caring about one another.

It doesn’t matter if they can be together physically or not. Their souls will always be intertwined and there is nothing that will ever be able to come between that.

6. Jamas (1975)

This is another song that talks about being so in love with someone that everything else seems almost minuscule in its importance. It’s not that other things don’t matter or that the storyteller doesn’t concern himself with life’s events.

Instead, it talks about being so in love that the good times are made that much sweeter, while the bad times are made more bearable because of that love. Having this love makes him a stronger individual, someone who feels like he can face the world and take it on, no matter what.

5. Amor…Amar (1972)

Just as the title implies, this is a song that’s all about love, in all its forms. Love can be a truly beautiful thing. While it can also be something that can cause a great deal of pain and heartache, it can also inspire and motivate people to become the very best versions of themselves.

In some rare cases, people love each other so much that they simply cannot live without their significant other by their side. This is a song that celebrates the idea of love and everything that it has to offer.

4. Nunca mas (1981)

This song is about the flip side of love, when things don’t work out the way you’d hoped. In fact, the lyrics speak of someone that was so in love with another person that when she decided to end the relationship, he was left with a choice.

He would have to completely reinvent himself or he would simply wither and die. The lyrics talk about that journey, what it looks like and how awful it can feel.

3. Todo por nada (1973)

The title of this song roughly translates to “all for not” and that’s exactly what the lyrics in the song are about. It’s a song of unrequited love, one where the person telling the story is deeply in love with another person, yet she feels absolutely nothing for him in return.

The heartbreaking lyrics go on to talk about how he has waited and waited some more, hoping that things would change. Eventually, he realizes that it never will and he’s forced to try and do his best to move on.

2. Vivir sin ti (1980)

Have you ever had a profound relationship with another person and then for one reason or another, it ended, often after quite a long amount of time? If you have, then you know the pain that is involved with dealing with the emotions that come up after such a relationship ends.

That is precisely what the lyrics in this song are about, talking about crying oneself to sleep and wondering how they’re supposed to go on without their significant other.

1. Corazon Encadenado (1985)

This is definitely one of the more popular songs that he ever recorded, and it’s a song that is truly about empathy. The person in the song is talking to another person, presumably someone that they’ve been close to for some time.

That individual seems troubled about something and the storyteller is trying to talk to them in order to find out what is wrong and how they can best help them.

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