Dance Gavin Dance Albums Ranked

Dance Gavin Dance albums ranked

Dance Gavin Dance has always been a band of questionable lyrics and strange instrumental tracks to back them, but behind that, there has been a constantly rotating group of Swancore, and similar, artists and bands to help keep the band going when it was necessary. Now some odd years later, the band may have shifted a few guitarists here and there but they have acquired a vocalist that has been the most consistent and collaborative that Dance Gavin Dance has had, which has made for some of the best music in the band’s career. Below, we’ve gone into some detail on and ranked every Dance Gavin Dance album.

9. Acceptance Speech

“Acceptance Speech” was an album that had seen an interesting life as the album was not only the first with current vocalist Tillian Pearson but was also an album that has been remastered as a different album, “Acceptance Speech 2.0”. On top of the remastered release of the 2013 album, Dance Gavin Dance, much like each of their other records, released an instrumental version of the album. Overall, “Acceptance Speech” had the least amount of plays out of any Dance Gavin Dance album with one song barely breaking 100,000 listens on Spotify.

8. Happiness

“Happiness”, much like “Acceptance Speech” has an interesting history behind it, but for this album specifically the instant standout before the album even came out was the fact that it was another album without starting clean vocalist Jonny Craig. As well as being the second Dance Gavin Dance album without Jonny Craig, the album was also the second consecutive with Kurt Travis.

7. Downtown Battle Mountain II

After Kurt Travis left Dance Gavin Dance, the band had joined with Jonny Craig for what would be the final time, to record an album, “Downtown Battle Mountain II”. Overall, “Downtown Battle Mountain II” was some of the strangest and most obscure music from Dance Gavin Dance from lyrics to the overall structure of the songs themselves the album felt like much more than just a follow-up to the original “Downtown Battle Mountain”.

6. Downtown Battle Mountain

While “Downtown Battle Mountain II” was one of the strangest Dance Gavin Dance albums, compared to the original “Downtown Battle Mountain”, an album that introduced most fans to the band, the original has remained a stable favorite among fans as the album has more plays than any other Dance Gavin Dance album with Jonny Craig in the lineup.

5. Dance Gavin Dance

The album that interestingly ended up in the fifth ranking of our Dance Gavin Dance albums ranked list was “Dance Gavin Dance”, the self-titled album from the group. As mentioned above, Kurt Travis was the vocalist for two albums, consecutively, and of those albums, “Dance Gavin Dance” was the most long-lasting fan favorite.

4. Artificial Selection

“Artificial Selection” was the newest album from Dance Gavin Dance before “Afterburner” but it appeared that now fans generally enjoy songs from all Dance Gavin Dance albums but the trend seems to be that the newer albums, that featured Tillian Pearson, connect stronger than works from the band without the vocalist. Before the release of this album, Dance Gavin Dance recorded a Bruno Mars cover for a Punk Goes Pop installation.

3. Afterburner

“Afterburner” was the newest release from Dance Gavin Dance and despite that, the songs on the album have been among the most played throughout the band’s discography. Overall, while you’d expect the newest album from an artist to simply trend for a bit before flatlining and meeting its fate as a medium with other past albums from a band, “Afterburner”, two years later, still seemed to be a favorite among fans even as the band is preparing for a new album.

2. Instant Gratification

“Instant Gratification” was the second album released from Dance Gavin Dance to feature Tillian Pearson as the vocalist of the seemingly ever-changing math-rock group. Overall, although “Instant Gratification” was only the second album to feature a lineup that included Tillian Pearson, it has held strong among the Dance Gavin Dance community as compared to any album, except for “Mothership”, it had the most plays than any other album from the band.

1. Mothership

“Mothership” was one of the newer albums from Dance Gavin Dance of their current era of vocalist Tillian Pearson, who’s been the band’s singer for the band since “Acceptance Speech”. As with our Dance Gavin Dance instrumental albums ranked list, the Dance Gavin Dance albums that feature Tillian tend to be the most favored out of them all, even when the vocals aren’t present. Overall, “Mothership” remained one of the most popular albums from Dance Gavin Dance since release, as it also remained on the band’s 10 most played songs above any other album’s songs.

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