The Walking Dead Movies Bring Chandler Riggs as Carl Back and More

There are several types of The Walking Dead movies that are on the table for a while as we all know. And a new rumor has that one of these The Walking Dead movie projects might go back to the past and bring back Chandler Riggs’ Carl. Here is what we heard about Riggs and what we know about the upcoming The Walking Dead movies so far.

A gossip writer has just dropped this rumor on our laps which is about Chandler Riggs‘ beloved character Carl from the series. In the past, Carl had committed suicide in order not to turn into a walker after being bitten by one of them and died. And now, a rumor says that Carl seems to be coming back with a flashback in one of the upcoming Walking Dead movies. So it doesn’t feel so wrong anyways since we actually got used to The Walking Dead’s utilized flashbacks. For example, Rick had a flashback to a 3-year-old Carl in season 8. He had also appeared in one back in season 10.

On the other hand, even if Carl really comes back, Chandler Riggs won’t be able to play him anymore. It’s because Riggs was just a kid when his role as Carl ended in The Walking Dead. But Riggs is a whole grown-up boy now, So, we will probably see Carl’s older times before we actually met him. And this is what makes really hard to see Riggs again. Ultimately, it is more likely to see a new young actor playing Carl in The Walking Dead movies.

Upcoming Rick Grimes-focused The Walking Dead movies

We know that upcoming TWD movies will be focusing on Rick Grimes, but we still don’t know when we will be able to watch them. On the other hand, Universal Pictures will release them in theaters but their way to the AMC network also seems inevitable, eventually.

Even though we are all sad because The Walking Dead’s final season comes, there are still lots of stories beyond Rick that are also been waiting to be told. So maybe, we shouldn’t be that much sad while we get our chances to hear other stories ahead. The Walking Dead’s spinoff series, Fear The Walking Dead’s sixth season is also currently streaming and there is not an ending that seems to be coming either. Further, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which was scheduled to last only two seasons, also premiered last year.

What is more, there is also an anthology series on the table, Tales of the Walking Dead. This episodic anthology series will be telling the stories of all characters. And ultimately, AMC has also been planning another spinoff series for Daryl and Carol and handling the series as focusing on these characters. This spinoff is being planned to air in 2023 after the final of The Walking Dead.

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