The 10 Best Fall Out Boy Songs of All-Time

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy started out as a pop punk-focused side project of the band members, who were involved in Chicago’s hardcore punk scene of the late 1990s and early 2000s. However, it has proven to be very successful. As such, Fall Out Boy are now important names in pop punk as well as related music genres in their own right, as shown by how their work has influenced subsequent artists involved in the same.

10. The Phoenix

The name of “The Phoenix” makes more sense when one realizes the context. In short, it is the first song on Fall Out Boy’s fifth studio album Save Rock and Roll. This is important because said album came out in 2013 after the band took a hiatus in 2009, which was necessary because of stress, disillusionment, and other factors that took a serious toll on them. As such, Save Rock and Roll was a comeback, thus making it very appropriate that its first song would be named for the mythical bird that is reborn in flames.

9. I Don’t Care

Sometimes, the best songs are the ones that come with barbed commentary. For proof, consider “I Don’t Care,” which is another one of Fall Out Boy’s lead singles. It has been called political by the lead vocalist Patrick Stump, but it isn’t political in the traditional sense of that word. Instead, “I Don’t Care” takes aim at both the selfishness and the superficiality of pop culture, meaning that it is one in a long line of such songs. Still, it manages to be a worthwhile addition to that tradition.

8. Immortals

“Immortals” is a very successful song meant for Disney’s Big Hero 6. Amusingly, one can make an argument that it is Disney’s first Marvel movie, though it isn’t Disney’s first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. This is because Big Hero 6 was based on a fictional superhero team created by Marvel in the late 1990s but with some serious changes to make it more suitable for the intended movie.

7. Saturday

Saturday is Fall Out Boy’s third single. Something that the band became very fond of, which is interesting because Stump originally thought that his band members wouldn’t like it. Regardless, Saturday had a memorable video as well, featuring Stump and bassist Pete Wentz as a detective and a serial killer who were two antagonistic personalities of the same individual.

6. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)

This song was another song on Save Rock and Roll. In fact, while “The Phoenix” was the first song on said album, this song was the first single for said album. In any case, it featured the mix of angst and playfulness that characterized so much of Fall Out Boy’s early work while still showing considerable advancement when compared with what had come before. As such, it is no exaggeration to say that it played an important role in ensuring the band’s successful comeback.

5. Sugar, We’re Going Down

Speaking of which, “Sugar, We’re Going Down” is also a name of note in Fall Out Boy’s body of work. This is because it was their first song to become a top ten hit, thus making their name known to a much wider audience than ever before. In other words, said song carried them into the mainstream.

4. Uma Thurman

Unsurprisingly, “Uma Thurman” celebrates Uma Thurman. Moreover, it is fun to mention that Fall Out Boy decided to ask permission from said actress to use her name, which she proceeded to give because it turned out that she was a fan of the band. The resulting song possesses a lot of swagger, thus enabling it to stand out because that was exactly what was needed to sell it.

3. Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy

This song has a lot of cliches packed into it. For example, the singer’s dislike for their hometown. Similarly, the singer yearning for a girl that he will never have. However, cliches don’t necessarily make something good or bad. Instead, what matters is the execution. This song made it very clear that Fall Out Boy was going to go far, which is particularly remarkable because it was on their debut album.

2. Thnks Fo Th Mmrs

If someone was asked to name Fall Out Boy’s most iconic songs, chances are good that this would come up sooner rather than later. Simply put, it was very popular, as shown by how it went double-platinum in the United States on its own. Besides that, “Thnks Fo Th Mmrs” is also entertaining for a number of other reasons. To name an example, the title was a shot at a record label, which had asked the band to shorten their often long song titles. Similarly, while people might have focused on the more unusual elements of the video, there was a real theme centered on broken relationships that served as the backbone for the song.

1. Dance, Dance

“Dance, Dance” followed in the footsteps of “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down.” As such, its claiming of the number nine position in the Billboard Hot 100 made it very clear that the band wasn’t just a one-hit wonder because one-hit wonders don’t release consecutive top ten songs. Besides this, “Dance, Dance” is also deserving of its position on this list because it embodies some of the best characteristics of Fall Out Boy’s music, being both cheerful and defiant. Both of which have helped it to remain as enjoyable in the present as in the past.

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