The 10 Best Grupo Niche Songs of All-Time

Grupo Niche is a Colombian salsa group that has been active for more than five decades. It’s known for two kinds of music. Perhaps unsurprisingly, one would be dance songs, while the other would be romance songs. Grupo Niche’s long career means that it has released an enormous number of recordings. As such, interested individuals have plenty of options for how they want to start experiencing the group’s music.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Grupo Niche songs ever released:

10. “La Magia De Tus Besos”

“La Magia De Tus Besos” means “The Magic of Your Kisses.” Given this, interested individuals should have no problem guessing that this is one of Grupo Niche’s famous romance songs. The narrator is focused on his lover’s kisses, which serve as symbolic representations of their relationship.

9. “Sin Sentimientos”

“Sin Sentimientos” is one of the songs from Grupo Niche’s tenth studio album, Cielo de Tambores. Some groups slow down after their initial surge. However, Grupo Niche wasn’t one of them, as shown by how Cielo de Tambores proved popular in Colombia and beyond. Regardless, “Sin Sentimientos” means “No Feelings.” As such, its narrator is focused on how the subject of his affection doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. It’s an excellent example of such songs, though much better executed than the standard.

8. “Algo Que Se Quede”

Grupo Niche tends to be best known for its releases from the second half of the 20th century. However, interested individuals should know that it remains active in modern times. Grupo Niche isn’t just performing. No, its current incarnation is still releasing new music. For proof, consider “Algo Que Se Quede,” which came out in 2020. It sounds different from its predecessors, but that isn’t necessarily bad because the act has never been static. What matters is that Grupo Niche retains its soul. Something true for “Algo Que Se Quede.”

7. “Buenaventura Y Caney”

Meanwhile, “Buenaventura Y Caney” comes from a much earlier point in Grupo Niche’s existence. It wasn’t one of the act’s earliest releases. After all, “Buenaventura Y Caney” came out in 1981, meaning it came out after the act’s debut studio album. Still, this was one of the singles that enabled Grupo Niche to carve out a place in the Colombian market and beyond by being an indisputable hit. Even now, “Buenaventura Y Caney” makes for enjoyable listening.

6. “Del Puente Pa’ Alla”

Some acts have no roots. In contrast, others are closely tied to specific locations. Grupo Niche is one of the latter. It came into existence in Bogota, but it has a stronger connection to Cali because it’s been based there since the early 1980s. This song puts enormous emphasis on the bridge connecting Cali to Juanchito. Strictly speaking, the latter isn’t a part of the city. However, its salsa-themed music clubs make it a popular destination for people living in Cali, thus explaining the connection between the two.

5. “Nuestro Sueño”

Grupo Niche has featured more than one famous singer over its existence. This song is notable for being the debut of Tito Gomez, who had already become a hit-maker by performing elsewhere. No one will ever accuse “Nuestro Sueño” of being the most original recording ever. Despite sticking to a much-addressed topic, its excellence should be considered a point in its favor rather than against it.

4. “La Negra No Quiere”

“La Negra No Quiere” is another Grupo Niche hit from the mid-1980s. Indeed, it was released on No Hay Quinto Malo, which broke new grounds for the act. As such, one could say that “La Negra No Quiere” is one of Grupo Niche’s more iconic hits from the decade. The times have changed. Even so, its popularity endures.

3. “Cali Aji”

Interested individuals should be able to guess that “Cali Aji” is another song about Grupo Niche’s home base. Specifically, it celebrates the city’s festivities. Thanks to this, “Cali Aji” can be considered one of Grupo Niche’s finest party songs, which is no small praise considering the act’s reputation for them.

2. “Cali Pachanguero”

Naturally, “Cali Pachanguero” also deals with its namesake city. Once again, it’s interested in Cali’s customs and traditions. The funny thing is that it did much to raise Grupo Niche’s profile despite its focus on a relatively niche topic. Many listeners were interested in what Cali was like, provided it was delivered to them via this act’s lyrics and music. “Cali Pachanguero” stands tall even among the numerous hits of the multi-decade-spanning Grupo Niche. That didn’t happen by coincidence, meaning interested individuals should check it out sooner rather than later.

1. “Una Aventura”

“Una Aventura” is another song from Cielo de Tambores.” In a way, its name captures everything Grupo Niche is about. After all, “adventure” is a word that exudes boldness and energy, which is often the case for the act’s music. This is particularly true because Grupo Niche is so fond of romance. Every relationship can be considered an adventure because every example sees the participants exposing themselves to potential misery for a chance to attain love. Fittingly, “Una Aventura” is one of Grupo Niche’s best-known romance songs, a piece that talks about the prospect with precisely the spirit that one would expect from its name. On top of this, it’s performed by Charlie Cardona, one of the act’s singers specializing in conveying such emotions to the utmost effect.

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