The 10 Best Joey Feek Songs of All-Time

Joey Feek was a country singer-songwriter. She went to Nashville to work at a veterinary clinic, but it wasn’t long before she formed connections with figures in the local music industry. By the mid-2000s, she was working in the music industry, though she wouldn’t rise to prominence until she and her husband competed on Can You Duet in the late 2000s. Subsequently, the duo released eight studio albums. Sadly, Feek’s career was cut short when a case of cervical cancer metastasized in 2016. Still, her music lives on.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Joey Feek songs ever released:

10. “The Horse Nobody Could Ride”

Feek went to Nashville to work at a veterinary clinic specializing in horses. Unsurprisingly, she has a fondness for the animals. As the story goes, Feek’s husband wrote this song for her. Moreover, it’s interesting that he once compared her to the titular horse. They’re strong-willed. However, they go far for those who win their trust.

9. “This Song’s For You”

This song is the product of a collaboration with the Zac Brown Band. Indeed, Feek, her husband, and Brown wrote it when they were touring together. It’s a straightforward statement of thanks to their fans that’s nice to hear.

8. “That’s Important to Me”

Chances are good interested individuals can guess this song is about the things that matter to the narrator. These things aren’t nebulous. Instead, they’re concrete actions that illustrate the narrator’s values. For instance, wanting to be a good wife and mother who makes homecooked meals says much about her priorities. “That’s Important to Me” is an easy song to like because it’s so down-to-earth.

7. “To Say Goodbye”

No one can say for sure what will happen in the future. Due to this, it isn’t uncommon for people to never get the chance to say their goodbyes to their loved ones. This song uses two examples. The first is a wife separated from her husband by 9/11. Meanwhile, the second is a husband separated from his wife by a case of dementia that has stolen all her memories of their life together. “To Say Goodbye” is focused on the desire for these people to say their goodbyes to their loved ones. Without that, they suffer from a lack of closure on top of everything else.

6. “Coat of Many Colors”

Feek and her husband have covered many songs from well-known artists. For instance, interested individuals might recognize “Coat of Many Colors” as one of Dolly Parton’s most memorable releases. If not, they should know the title refers to two things. One would be the coat of many colors given to Joseph that caused his brothers’ envy to flare up. Another would be the garment Parton’s mother made for her using rags, which she loved despite the mockery of her classmates. It’s a beautiful song that shines with remarkable inner strength. Moreover, Feek and her husband were able to do it justice.

5. “Cheater, Cheater”

Infidelity is a popular theme in country music. Sometimes, artists take a dark and depressed approach to these songs. Other times, they go for something more spirited. “Cheater, Cheater” is an excellent example of the latter. The narrator boots her ex from her home while expressing no mopiness. Instead, she takes the chance to blast him and his lover while wishing them well in a mocking manner. People could do much worse than “Cheater Cheater” if they need a musical pick-me-up after a bad relationship.

4. “God Help My Man”

“God Help My Man” has a similar theme to “Cheater Cheater.” The narrator hasn’t confirmed that her significant other is cheating on her. However, she has good reason to suspect it because she’s found a phone number in his pocket and a lip print on his shirt. Unsurprisingly, she’s furious. The narrator dreams about dishing out some violence. Despite this, she’s cold enough and calm enough that she’s planning how she’ll resolve everything in her favor. As it turns out, the narrator is very well-connected, which raises the question of what her soon-to-be ex was thinking.

3. “Free Bird”

“Free Bird” is another cover of a well-known song. In this case, this would be the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic in which the narrator leaves their significant other because they still have things they want to do alone. Some people interpret the song as a meditation on freedom. On the one hand, it means people can do what they want; on the other hand, it can be a profoundly lonely experience because it also means a life without the bonds that can tie people down. “Free Bird” sounds straightforward, but it’s surprisingly interpretable.

2. “I’ll Fly Away”

The Feeks’ final album was Hymns That Are Important to Us. Given the name, interested individuals shouldn’t be surprised to learn that it consists of covers of their favorite hymns. Something that makes perfect sense when one realizes that the Feeks knew that it would be their final release together. “I’ll Fly Away” is the standout song on the release. The context gives it extra emotional weight.

1. “When I’m Gone”

Feek and her husband released “When I’m Gone” two years before her cervical cancer diagnosis. It’s a song in which the narrator acknowledges that her significant other will hurt once she’s passed. However, she also assures him that he’ll make it through. Considering how Feek and her husband’s story turned out in the end, it isn’t hard to see why “When I’m Gone” has acquired a special meaning for their fans.

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