The 10 Best Julieta Venegas Songs of All-Time

Julieta Venegas is a Mexican singer-songwriter famous for her contributions to Spanish-language pop and rock. She played in several bands. However, she’s best known because of solo albums that started coming out in the late 1990s. Even now, Venegas is someone who can sell well. For proof, look no further than how she was one of the three artists behind “Lo Siento BB:/” in 2021, which is notable because the song went 11 times platinum in the United States. Interested individuals should have no problem guessing that this is far from the only Venegas song worth listening to.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Julieta Venegas songs released so far:

10. “Lo Siento BB:/”

As mentioned, “Lo Siento BB:/” is the product of a team-up between three people. One is the record producer Tainy, while another is the rapper Bad Bunny. Of course, the third would be Julieta Venegas. The song is exceptional. Not every release can reach the number two spot on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. Moreover, it’s telling that it won one of the two Latin Grammys it was nominated for. Under these circumstances, one can’t help but wonder how “Lo Siento BB:/” will be seen as time passes.

9. “Pobre de Ti”

Technically, “Pobre de Ti” isn’t a Venegas song. Instead, it’s from Tijuana No!, one of the bands she played for before she embarked on a solo career. With that said, Venegas was one of the composers. On top of that, there’s a recording of her performing the song in 2010. Something interested individuals shouldn’t hesitate to check out.

8. “Despedida”

“Despedida” is a relationship song. Specifically, it’s about the narrator deciding to break up with her significant other. The neat thing is that it’s more positive than people might expect. For example, the narrator recognizes that their relationship was once beautiful. Similarly, the narrator talks about moving forward without holding onto bitter feelings. Still, “Despedida” is clear that the relationship is over with no hope of recovery.

7. “Bien o Mal”

“Bien o Mal” is another relationship song. However, the lyrics are more about the start than the end of one. The song describes the uplifting joy of new love. Simultaneously, it explores how confusing and tumultuous things can be at the start of a relationship. As such, “Bien o Mal” is highly relatable.

6. “Lento”

“Lento” comes from Venegas’s third album, Si. Some people consider it one of the finest Spanish-language pop songs of the 2000s, though such judgments are always highly variable from person to person. Still, “Lento” is no slouch, as shown by its Top 10 hit status in four Spanish-speaking markets. On top of this, the song was number 31 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs in 2003 and 2004. Besides these things, the music video was notable for featuring Venegas with her twin sister Yvonne while they wore the same clothing and similar hairstyles.

5. “Algo Esta Cambiando”

“Algo Esta Cambiando” was the last single from Si. Numbers-wise, it was another formidable release. For example, it topped the charts in Spain. Similarly, the song peaked at the number-four position on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs and the number-one position on the Billboard Latin Pop Airplay.

4. “Ese Camino”

One of the neat things about Venegas is that she’s a multi-instrumentalist. To be precise, she’s capable of playing 17 different instruments. Some are common in popular music, while others are less so. For instance, Venegas can play the accordion, which is often a subject of jokes more than anything else. That’s a shame because she showed that an accordion can sound amazing in “Ese Camino” from 2015. Subject-wise, the song is about how childhood experiences continue to shape us far beyond that first part of our lives.

3. “Limon Y Sal”

“Limon Y Sal” is the title track of the album of the same name. The song wasn’t particularly popular in the United States. However, it reached the number-two position in Mexico and Spain. Amusingly, the lyrics take some inspiration from the same fairy tale motifs as the music video. With that said, it’s important to note there’s a deeper meaning to them. Essentially, the song’s narrator says she loves her significant other the way they are, including their flaws. It’s no coincidence that the song’s name means “Lemon and Salt.”

2. “Eres para Mi”

Interested individuals should know “Limon Y Sal” wasn’t the only song of note to come from the album of the same name. Another would be “Eres para Mi,” a more hip-hop-influenced song that took the number-two spot on the Billboard Latin Pop Airplay while also doing well in other Spanish-speaking markets. Interestingly, there are many different versions of the song. This is because Venegas recorded the original as a duet with the rapper Anita Tijoux. The song’s popularity means she has performed it with many different artists since then. All of whom brought something new and unique to the listening experience. For people who enjoy “Eres para Mi,” looking into these different versions can help them consider the song from a fresh angle again and again.

1. “Me Voy”

Of course, talk of Limon Y Sal wouldn’t be complete without mentioning “Me Voy.” This song can claim to be Venegas’s most successful release, so much so that it found some measure of popularity beyond the Spanish-speaking world. After all, “Me Voy” was a chart-topper in Italy and number 12 in Spain. The song also did well in Spanish-speaking markets, as shown by how it was also a number-one single in Spain and on the Billboard Latin Pop Airplay. That popularity didn’t come out of nowhere. It’s no exaggeration to say that “Me Voy” is one of the best examples of Latin pop ever made.

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