Kids Try to Scam DaBaby: He Teaches Them a Lesson


Get-rich-quick schemes have never worked out for anyone because, as they say, you can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool everyone all the time. Once they get the wiser, you end up on the losing end. Honesty will always be the best policy, and kids who tried to scam DaBaby but were taught a lesson now understand this. They thought that their day to reap huge profits had finally come when they met DaBaby, but the rapper showed them that even millionaires don’t waste money on scammers.

Taking Advantage of a Millionaire

According to HipHop DX, the rapper was in New York City after an appearance at the ESPY Awards. Two Black kids approached him, hoping to sell him some Skittles and Gushers for charity. Being the ever philanthropic musician, he got out of his luxurious Mercedes Sprinter holding many single bills. Maybe the kids got confused at the sight of so much money because one said he would sell DaBaby a box for $200, yet they had already said a piece goes for $2. When the rapper asked the other kid about his selling price, he also said a box was going for $200. The response amused DaBaby, who decided it was time to teach the kids about simple math. He told them that since a box contains 34 pieces and each piece goes for $2, the right price was $68. He added that even the $200 they were asking for was nowhere near a more reasonable $100. Eventually, DaBaby handed each kid some money for a piece and drove off, but the situation got mixed reactions from the public.

DaBaby Sets the Record Straight

Some people thought that DaBaby was taking advantage of the young boys. They argued that since the rapper is a multi-millionaire, he should have given the boys some change and not taken the candy to allow the kids to make more money. Another said that children should be allowed to do whatever kids do, which is lie and test their boundaries. The social media users added that $200 is peanuts to the rapper, and the kids should not have to be put through such humiliation.

On the other hand, others feel DaBaby’s response was justified because the children were liars trying to take advantage of the multi-millionaire who knew better and taught them a lesson in honesty. Some people still wonder what lesson the rapper was trying to teach because, in their opinion, he used the kids to chase clout. Those who supported DaBaby were also criticized; they were assumed to be the ones who step on others to get ahead in life. However, the rapper came out strongly to say that he was not using the kids for clout despite recording the incident and uploading the video on social media. According to Urban Islandz, DaBaby gave the kids a chance to explain why they were selling their candy for $200 a box, but they did not. Still, he added that he respected their hustle enough to buy one piece of candy from each kid. The rapper told the kids to use their heads because all they got was $4, yet they could have gotten $400 had they negotiated better; he knows from experience because he used to sell candy.

Some Kids Have Had Luck Selling to Celebrities

Benjamin Kapelushnik is currently in the limelight for the wrong reason. He was arrested in January 2021 for felony robbery after allegedly stealing a phone at the Fontainebleau Hotel from a 19-year-old man. It was reported that Kapelushnik took the phone after the man photographed the entrepreneur without his permission. However, besides the negative publicity, Kapelushnik appropriately earned the nickname “Benjamin Kickz” or “Sneaker Don” after starting a successful business selling sneakers to celebrities. His mother bought him the LeBron 9 Galaxy, which turned heads. The compliments encouraged him to start buying shoes, and the first ones he got were either the Milos 7 or Galaxy Foams at the age of 13. His father could not believe that he had spent so much money on shoes, but after Kapelushnik sold them for $1,000, he was impressed. The first celebrity he ever sold to was DJ Khaled, who later introduced him to his inner circle. They had instant chemistry, and the musician started posting stuff on Snapchat that helped take Kapelushnik’s business to the next level. Of all the artists, P. Diddy became his biggest customer. Such a teenager growing his business by selling shoes to celebrities should motivate the kids who tried scamming DaBaby to maintain integrity in their work.

How to Get Celebrities as Customers

On Forbes, Sarah Shaw, a female entrepreneur who hacked the secret of getting celebrities on her client list, shared some tips. She said that you should get as much information about celebrities to approach them with the right products.

The entrepreneur explained that since celebrities get lots of free stuff, it is important to set yourself apart by having a product that stands out, and there is no better way than having something that appeals to them. Shaw added that presentation goes a long way in captivating a prospective customer, especially a celebrity with exquisite taste. Therefore, besides wrapping the package beautifully, she recommended adding a personal note. It would not make any sense to try and get your products out there through a rarely-seen celebrity. Having a celebrity who appears in magazines regularly will ensure that your products are quickly advertised. Following up is essential; otherwise, you will never know if the person you are looking to add to your client list is interested in your product. Shaw advises striking a close friendship with a celebrity’s assistant. If the celebrity loves whatever you are selling, you could try your luck with other celebrities, and the average American will follow suit. After all, people like to have whatever their role models got.

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