Ranking The Best Logic Albums Ever


Robert Bryson Hall II, professionally known as Logic, is an incredible American rapper and record producer. His two Grammy Award-winning albums perfectly represent his ability in music and education via activism for social justice causes like racial equality. Logic began his music career in 2010, releasing the mixtape Young, Broke and Infamous. He rapidly gained popularity with his Young Sinatra series that helped him secure a recording contract from Def Jam Recordings. His first two studio albums had top five rankings on the U.S. Billboard 200, while both were certified platinum. He has been making a name for himself in the music industry with Everybody, his album that charted at number one on Billboard. Besides this success, he’s also gained international popularity due to “1-800-273 8255,” which hit 3rd place on Hot 100 and peaked within the top ten charts worldwide, including Australia, where it reached 5th spot. His most recent project, YSIV was released last year and it contained the single “Homicide” which had over one billion Spotify streams by the mid-2020s. On this list, we will rank Logic albums ranked from the worst to the best:



Logic’s fourth studio album YSIV (abbreviation of Young Sinatra IV), is a follow up to his successful third mixtape, which was released in 2011. The cover art for this new project features an arrested mugshot similar stylized to Frank Sinatra, another famous American entertainer with many fans among today’s youth. The Young Sinatra series is a musical endeavor that’s derived from the life and times of its titular protagonist. It begins with 2012’s Welcome 2 Forever, which was followed by 2013’s Young Sinatra: The mixtape Chapter II in 2014 before now arriving at appreciative audiences four years later as this last installment.”

5. The Incredible True Story


A year after releasing his critically acclaimed debut album, Logic returned with a strong sophomore effort. “The Incredible True Story” continues in the same vein as its predecessor. He infused heavy doses of soulful production and introspective rhymes to deliver 13 songs about life’s struggles. The album tells a story of how to overcome adversity from both personal experiences he had faced while growing up during the crack epidemic era or even just being an average Joe living through these turbulent times we’re going through today. The continuation is very much there where it feels like you have more time listening because no one song weighs heavily on your heartstrings. However, everything has a depth that cuts into every part.

4. Everybody


Logics’ third studio album, Everybody, is a political statement that takes on the establishment and gentrification. The album is a follow-up to 2014’s Universal Mind-states featuring guest appearances from Killer Mike and J. Cole, among others on production handled by 6ix (among many more). The album had favorable reviews from both fans and critics. It debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 and is Logic’s first chart-topper to achieve this honor, as well as an increased presence for his music which he claims has been long overdue. The reaction by fans after hearing a new song from him may be why some people believe that more young artists are making it big now than before.

3. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind


Have you ever been so lost in your thoughts that it feels like reality is fading away? American rapper Logic has been there before. In the new album, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2019), he channels this feeling to make music for those going through what seems impossible life struggles. These people have hope on their side no matter how dark things may appear – be they internal conflicts over whether one’s actions match up properly against loved ones’ expectations; there is always hope. The album features guest appearances from rap artists Eminem, Gucci Mane, and G-Eazy and vocal tracks by Logic’s father, Smokey Hall. Production was handled by 6ix, who also serves his frequent producer status on the project. Additional production came from Cubeatz, Frank Dukes and Illmind, for an overall soundscape influenced heavily by classic Hip Hop albums by Kendrick Lamar. Despite lower than expected sales upon release of this record, it made its entry into the US Billboard 200 at top position, making it the 3rd time where he has reached the top spot.

2. Under Pressure


When you’re at your wit’s end, there is nothing more potent than Logic. His debut album Under Pressure paints a vivid picture of the life someone who has been pushed to their limit might live. The bloody violence is a probable outcome for those souls in distress. The title track opens up on an optimistic note before quickly switching gears into something much darker. Under Pressure is a rap album with toned-down production reminiscent of the 1990s. The lyrics are wise, and Logic’s storytelling ability has been noted for being blunt. This makes it attractive in an era where everyone likes their music bubblegum-soft sounding or reverb deprived on purpose. The album became one of 2014’s best-selling albums by Billboard Magazine, who named it alongside Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid Maad City 2, among others when they wrote that “producing quality beats while rapping nonstop takes real talent,”

1. No Pressure


After six years, Logic finally released his seventh studio album, No Pressure. It’s being touted as the rapper’s last major-label release before taking all of that rap game success into uncharted territory. The production on this new venture was handled by none other than Logic himself alongside some high-profile names like 6ix, No I.D. and FnZ, just to mention a few. There wasn’t anyone else that could’ve made these 11 songs sound anything close to how they do right off those speakers. No Pressure received positive reviews from critics, who commended Logic for returning to his roots. The album debuted at number two on the U.S. Billboard 200 and earned 221 thousand units alone in its first week of sales. These sales came along even before the release of the album.

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