The 10 Best Luke Combs Songs of All Time

Luke Combs

Luke Combs is a country singer and songwriter who was born in North Carolina on March 2, 1990. Although he began performing as a child, Combs did not begin his professional career until 2014 after moving to Nashville, Tennessee, and released his debut EP in the same year. Combs is widely considered one of the biggest up-and-coming country music stars today. During his career, Luke Combs has released two studio albums, four Eps, and 12 singles, and has also won multiple awards for his work. Here are the 10 best Luke Combs songs of all time.

10. Hurricane (2016)


Luke Combs’ debut single was ‘Hurricane,’ which featured on the album ‘This One’s for You.’ The term hurricane is used to describe his ex-girlfriend. Combs wrote the song with Thomas Archer and Taylor Phillips. Although it only reached number three on the country chart in the United States, it topped the US Country Airplay chart and peaked at number two on the Canadian Country chart.

9. One Number Away (2018)


‘One Number Away’ was the third single released from the Combs’ debut studio album ‘This One’s for You.’ It topped the US Country Airplay and Canadian country charts and was certified double-Platinum. Luke Combs co-wrote the song with Sammy Mitchell, Steven Battey, and Robert Williford. It is a ballad about a man who is trying not to call his ex-girlfriend.

8. Lovin’ on You (2020)


The fourth single released from the album ‘What You See Is What You Get’ was ‘Lovin’ on You.’ This track had previously featured on Combs’ 2019 EP ‘The Prequel.’ It was co-written by Luke Combs, Thomas Archer, Ray Fulcher, and James McNair. At the beginning of the song, Combs lists the things that he enjoys, then sings about how much he loves being in love with his woman. In 2020, Combs performed this song on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.’

7. She Got the Best of Me (2018)


‘She Got the Best of Me’ was the penultimate track from ‘This One’s for You’ to be released as a single. The song was originally added to the album as a bonus track. It topped the Canadian country charts and the US Country Airplay chart and was certified double-Platinum. Combs co-wrote the song with Channing Wilson and Rob Snyder. It is a country power ballad about a man who is unable to stop thinking about his former lover.

6. Beer Never Broke My Heart (2018)


Luke Combs regularly performed ‘Beer Never Broke My Heart’ for months at live performances before eventually releasing the track as a single in November 2018. Although it topped the Canadian country and the US Country Airplay chart, it only peaked at number two on the country chart in the United States. Combs co-wrote this country song with Jonathan Singleton and Scott Moffatt. The lyrics are about all the things that can hurt you in life, with Combs concluding that the safest bet in life is to drink beer.

5. Even Though I’m Leaving (2019)


Taste of Country Music ranks ‘Even Though I’m Leaving as the best Luke Combs song. On this track, Combs’ storytelling is different from anything else he had released before. It is a tear-jerking circle of life song. The way Combs sings the lyrics makes listeners believe that he has recently lost his father and that he is a father himself, although neither of these is true.

4. When It Rains It Pours (2017)


Combs’ second single from his debut album was ‘When It Rains It Pours.’ The lyrics of the song were based on a personal experience of Combs’, as his luck changed for the better after ending a relationship with a former girlfriend. Combs wrote the song with Ray Fulcher and Jordan Walker. The accompanying music video for the song shows a chance encounter between a man and his former girlfriend, then the man driving away to celebrate with his friends.

3. Beautiful Crazy (2018)


When Luke Combs released the love song ‘Beautiful Crazy,’ fans assumed that it was about his wife, Nicole. However, he had even started dating Nicole when he wrote the song, as he wrote several years before its release as a single. ‘Beautiful Crazy’ topped the Canadian and United States country charts, along with the US Country Airplay chart. It was also certified 4x Platinum.

2. Better Together (2020)


Combs wrote ‘Better Together’ for his wife, Nicole. It confirmed that they are truly in love, despite trolls criticizing his wife for being in a relationship with a larger man. This song was the fifth single from the album ‘What You See Is What You Get.’ It was co-written by Combs, Dan Isbell, and Randy Montana. The lyrics are about a man comparing his relationship with his lover against other necessary couplings. Combs performed the song at the Billboard Music Awards in 2020, wearing his trademark baseball cap and a suit to the accompaniment of a piano.

1. Forever After All (2021)


According to Discotech, the best Luke Combs song of all time is ‘Forever After All.’ It was also his most commercially successful song, as it topped the country charts in Canada and the United States, as well as the US Country Airplay chart. The single was also a top ten hit on the mainstream charts in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This song is from the album ‘What You See Is What You Get.’ The song is about Combs’ relationship with his wife, and he wrote the song after they moved into their Tennessee home.

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