The 10 Best Martin Nievera Songs of All-Time

Martin Nievara is a Filipino-American singer who doubles as a TV personality. He came from a family of entertainers. As such, his mother was unenthused about his desire to do the same because she knew the stresses his father and grandmother had experienced. Still, Nievara became an entertainer anyway. His love ballads have earned him numerous platinum certifications in the Phillippines. Thanks to that, it’s no exaggeration to say that he’s one of the most famous names to emerge from the Filipino music industry in recent decades.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Martin Nievera songs ever released:

10. “Christmas Won’t Be the Same Without You”

Filipinos are Christian for the most part. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that means they share an interest in Christmas music. “Christmas Won’t Be the Same Without You” is a surprisingly enjoyable example of the genre.

9. “On the Wings of Love”

Love has a long connection with wings. After all, the Greek Eros was famous for his wings, so much so that they’re still one of the most iconic features of modern depictions of Cupid. Of course, the connection also makes sense because being in love often makes people feel as though they’re soaring high and free. Something that can be terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure. “On the Wings of Love” does a decent job of capturing these sentiments.

8. “How Can I”

“How Can I” sees Nievera expressing a more ambivalent attitude toward love. On the one hand, he’s infatuated. On the other hand, he’s hesitant to take the plunge because he’s been hurt before. That tension gives this song much of its emotional power.

7. “Kahit Isang Saglit”

“Kahit Isang Saglit” is a song from Return to Forever from 1999. In it, the narrator voices his fears and uncertainties now that his significant other is out of his life. He longs for them to return so that his life will light up again. Unfortunately, the song shows no indication that will ever be the case.

6. “Forever”

Chances are good that interested individuals can guess that Nievara has teamed up with other artists from time to time. Solo love songs can be enjoyable, particularly when they’re about something that would make more sense from a single singer presenting a single perspective. Still, there are times when a duet can produce better results. For proof, consider “Forever” from the team-up of Nievara and Regina Velasquez, a somewhat younger Filipino artist who has also established herself as a legend in that country’s entertainment industries. The pair released this song in 2000, meaning their overwhelming experience enabled it to soar.

5. “Paradise”

“Paradise” is ironically named. After all, its narrator isn’t describing a relationship in its happiest stage. Instead, he’s talking about him overcoming his heartbreak following a breakup. It’s easy to read a note of vindictiveness to the whole thing. The narrator talks about how he hopes his ex won’t feel poorly about him recovering from the breakup. Funny enough, that undermines his claim that he is getting over the whole thing. Love and hate are often held up as mirror opposites. His line of thought suggests he’s still emotionally invested in the relationship. Otherwise, he would be indifferent rather than trying to score points in the breakup.

4. “I Dreamed a Dream”

Many people see their dreams dashed to pieces. Sometimes, this is because they have unrealistic expectations. Other times, this is because they fail to put in the necessary work. Whatever the reason, many people can understand losing their dreams, whether slowly or suddenly. As such, it’s easy to sympathize with the narrator of this song, who uses rich imagery to illustrate how reality has hollowed him out.

3. “Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin”

There’s something admirable about the constancy of feeling. The world might change around people. However, people can hold on to their emotions. This song is a fine choice for listeners who want to indulge in such sentiments.

2. “Till the End”

Of course, constancy of feeling isn’t necessarily a good thing. Relationships fail constantly, even when both sides do their best to keep things going. Ideally, a person would be able to move on from their ex, thus enabling them to find happiness elsewhere. The narrator of this song does not fit that mold. He has decided that the person he’s singing about is the only one for him. This work is named thus because he means to cling to this position for his entire lifetime. Unfortunately, the narrator didn’t realize this until his relationship ended, meaning he’s now trapped in a miserable situation. Theoretically, he might still move on once he has had time to cool off. Sadly, there’s no guarantee that this will be the case. Regardless, Nievara managed to sell the desired emotions effectively and efficiently in this song.

1. “Say That You Love Me”

Nievara released “Say That You Love Me” on Dream in 1989. Looking back, that can be considered the early part of his career. However, it’s worth remembering that he was already a veteran in those days, seeing as how he had already released five studio albums by that point. As such, “Say That You Love Me” was the work of someone who had already honed his craft, meaning it’s far from the awkward stumbling of an inexperienced artist. That has contributed to it being one of Nievara’s most memorable love ballads, which is no small accomplishment considering the sheer number he has recorded and released over the years.

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