Mortal Kombat actor Joe Taslim says he would love a prequel

Mortal Kombat actor Joe Taslim, who plays Sub-Zero in the movie, has shared his thoughts about a possible sequel or prequel.

Attention: Mortal Kombat trailers ahead!

Warner Bros and HBO released the Mortal Kombat movie on April 23rd. Many fans liked the new movie while some criticized it. Overall, it was eminently popular and a great success for the producers.

After the release, viewers started to wonder whether there was going to be a Mortal Kombat sequel, or even, prequel. A new movie seems highly possible as the reports indicate. Not only do fans wait for a new movie, but the actors are eager for it, too.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Joe Taslim shared his thoughts about it. Here’s Sub-Zero’s take about a new Mortal Kombat movie.

Joe Taslim talks about a Mortal Kombat sequel or prequel

“If the fans want this franchise to continue, then there’s a strong chance that the next step for Bi-Han is to play Noob Saibot. Fingers crossed, but I hope it happens because I definitely want to play that character.”

After mentioning how he wants a sequel, Joe Taslim went on to talk about his real preference. According to him, a prequel is the most interesting path.

“The most interesting path, in my opinion, is to do a prequel. It would be a story about Bi-Han and his training in the Lin Kuei. When he got abducted by the Lin Kuei, his parents were killed. So it would be the process of him and his brother becoming assassins.… We would get to see two future Sub-Zeros in one movie, and that would be intriguing.”

We do not know whether they’re going to do a sequel or a prequel yet. However, some reports hold that the actors signed contracts for multiple movies. Therefore, the popularity of Mortal Kombat is probably going to be the main factor for the new movies.

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