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Ozzy Osbourne wife Sharon: “He’s walking and he’s doing great”

Ozzy Osbourne wife’s Sharon Osbourne says, “He’s walking and he’s doing great”. Black Sabbath vocalist wife and manager discussed his health issues.

During an appearance on the latest episode of Steve-O’s “Wild Ride!” podcast program. There’s a lot of rumors and unknown knowledge about Ozzy Osbourne‘s health. A few days ago, Sharon Osbourne has gives an update on Ozzy’s state of health following problems. According to reports, Ozzy had suffered a bad fall, underwent neck surgery, and was also hospitalized for the flu in a pandemic. Also, “The Osbournes Want to Believe” will release on August 2nd, 2020 on Travel Channel.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Sharon Osbourne talks about his health states:

“He’s doing good and doing really, really good. He’s had a terrible, terrible injury. At one point, they thought he would never walk again, but he is – he’s walking and he’s doing great. He’s been hit by so much, medically, but he’s doing good. He’s getting stronger every day. Oh, god, I mean, to be hit with the spinal injury, and then what it had done was it kind of started off the Parkinson’s that he had the gene for but was never activated – he just had the gene.

It’s like having the breast cancer gene but it never comes into fruition – it never gets alive. And he had the Parkinson’s gene and this accident just sparked it off. So he kind of had a double dose of everything. However, he’s doing good. It’s heartbreaking – it’s heartbreaking – to see this. He’s had this ride in his life, and then suddenly – boom! – you are floored. And to have your health taken away… No matter what you’ve got money-wise or anything in the world – can’t fix it.”

She also updates about Ozzy’s new album:

“The album was sensational. He’s starting his second album with [‘Ordinary Man’ producer/guitarist] Andrew Watt right now. And you can’t stop him. He’s doing it. Ozzy says that as far as performing goes, he has to end it his way because it was his farewell tour that he was on, but he still had a year to do of that tour, and there were seats sold for the next year, but the accident stopped it all.

But he said it’s not gonna end just like that – it’s gonna end his way. And he’s gonna go back out. And even if it’s just one huge show to say goodbye, he’s going to do it.”

You can watch the full “Sharon Osbourne – Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Ep #16
interview below.

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