The 10 Best Playboi Carti Songs of All-Time

You might not be familiar with the name Jordan Terrell Carter. However, you may know a rapper who performs under the name Playboi Carti. As it turns out, this person is one and the same. If you’re already a fan, you probably already have a favorite song or two in mind.

Otherwise, you could potentially be on the precipice of finding a new favorite artist and plenty of new music to listen to. In fact, here are 10 of Playboi Carti’s best songs. They’re ranked from number 10 to number one, but you already know that every person is likely to rank such a list quite differently.

The best part is that every track has a YouTube link attached to it so you can check out all the songs with relative ease. Without any further delay, here is the list. Enjoy!

10. Woke Up Like This (2017)

This is essentially a song about finding a great deal of fame and money rather quickly and then not being able to tell if people like you for who you are or just because they think they can get something out of you. It also talks about the lifestyle associated with having more money than common sense, specifically spending enormous amounts of money on things that aren’t even necessary.

9. Punk Monk (2020)

This is a song that explores the frustration that occurs when people that you used to be close to suddenly stop speaking to you, apparently for no reason whatsoever. It’s something that unfortunately happens to almost everyone at one time or another. That being said, it’s still one of the most difficult things you could ever be forced to deal with. That’s something that is explored in depth within the lyrics of this particular song.

8. FlatBed Freestyle (2018)

You’ve probably heard at least one or two country songs that talk about the lifestyle of someone who has been born and raised in the country. This is essentially the rap version of such a song, with a healthy dose of marijuana use added in.

7. Rockstar Made (2020)

A song about becoming a rockstar sounds like it should be fairly straightforward, right? The truth of the matter is that there really isn’t anything straightforward about becoming a rockstar. However, that doesn’t stop the lyrics in this particular song from strongly implying that the individual in question was made for greatness in the music industry, even if it did take people a while to realize it.

6. Fell In Luv (2018)

Sometimes people forget that rappers can sing about falling in love just like anyone else. It might not be the cozy love ballad that you’re accustomed to hearing, but that doesn’t make it any less heartfelt. The lyrics in this song talk about the highs and lows of falling in love as well as the perils involved when you fall in love and it doesn’t work out. It might sound a little bit different when it’s played, but the language of love is one that is truly universal.

5. Stop Breathing (2020)

If you think this is a heartfelt tearjerker of a song, think again. Instead, it’s all about how the lyricist views his own physique. He’s quite certain that individuals of the opposite sex are no longer capable of taking a breath when he removes his shirt because that physique of his is so stunning. You can do with that whatever you choose to do, but those are the lyrics.

4. Magnolia (2017)

For the most part, this is a song about not only doing drugs, but also selling them and getting away with it. It focuses on the same type of material that a lot of rap songs that have come before it have focused on, one that is completely rebellious in nature. As such, it talks about being able to walk right past police officers and get away with it and even shooting at them if they dare stop him.

3. Sky (2020)

As you might have already guessed, this is a song about getting high. The lyrics in the song talk about being so high on drugs that you feel higher than a bird in the sky. In fact, those same lyrics even talk about how the individual in question is so high that practically anything could happen to him and he wouldn’t even know it.

2. Vamp Anthem (2020)

While there has been some debate on exactly what the lyrics in this song refer to, almost everyone now agrees that it’s a song about gang life. As such, it talks about the things that people routinely go through when they are part of a gang. Lyrics in this particular song discuss getting high, gang initiations and even drive-by shootings. The lyrics then go on to brag about being able to get away with all of these things without ever being caught or challenged by authorities, largely because the gang itself is so powerful that it can do virtually anything it wants.

1. Miss the Rage (2021)

The lyrics talk about not living by traditional rules, but instead living by the rules that the gang in question has developed.

At the same time, it also talks about not being able to have a normal relationship with anyone outside of that particular culture. Last but certainly not least, there is a section in the song where the individual in question thinks that virtually everyone wishes they could be them, largely because they think that they are living a life that is above everyone else in one manner or another.

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