The 10 Best Colt Ford Songs of All-Time

Colt Ford is one of the more unusual individuals in the music world. Once upon a time, he was a professional golfer. However, he decided to become a professional musician, drawing influence from not just country but also hip-hop.

Ford released his debut studio album Ride Through the Country towards the end of 2008. Since then, he has released six more studio albums, which make it clear that he has succeeded in building a following for himself. Ford is an excellent representative of country rap and related genres. Besides that, he is also known for his collaborations with like-minded artists.

Here are 10 of the best Colt Ford songs ever released:

10. “Waste Some Time” – Colt Ford featuring Nappy Roots and Nic Cowan

“Waste Some Time” is a song from Ford’s third studio album Every Chance I Get. It was never a single, so there is no telling how it would have performed on its own.

Still, it is interesting to note that Every Chance I Get as a whole performed well enough, so much so that it reached the number 26 position on the Billboard 200. Lyrics-wise, “Waste Some Time” is surprisingly pleasant.

The narrator doesn’t paint an idyllic picture of the situation. Even so, his sense of contentment radiates throughout the song.

9. “No Trash in My Trailer” – Colt Ford featuring Joe Diffie

People should never be ashamed of where they came from. Simply put, it doesn’t dictate who they are as a person, meaning it doesn’t have any relevance to their worth as a person. “No Trash in My Trailer” is a sound rejection of an ugly label. Ford isn’t the first one to sing the song, but Ford was nonetheless capable of keeping it fresh by giving it his unique twist.

8. “Twisted” – Colt Ford featuring Tim McGraw

“Twisted” is another narrative-driven song. In it, Ford and McGraw describe a small-town boy who has earned a football scholarship to the University of California, Los Angeles. He feels torn between staying at home and heading out to LA, but in the end, he chooses to stay at home when he learns that LA isn’t what he imagined it would be.

The neat part is that “Twisted” seems to say that was the right choice for that boy rather than everyone out there. Ultimately, the song’s message seems to be that people shouldn’t let anything stop them from finding the place where they belong. Preconceptions are no exception to that rule.

7. “Country Thang” – Colt Ford featuring Eric Church

Ford chose “Country Thang” as the lead single for Every Chance I Get. Chances are good that interested individuals can guess it is a celebration of the country lifestyle, though the singers manage to sell it well with their fun, upbeat sound. “Country Thang” topped out at the number 54 position on Billboard Hot Country Songs in 2011.

6. “She Likes to Ride in Trucks” – Colt Ford featuring Craig Morgan

Speaking of which, “She Likes to Ride in Trucks” is the second single for Every Chance I Get. It is one of Ford’s more sentimental songs, which makes sense because both Ford and Morgan are fathers. For those curious, “She Likes to Ride in Trucks” sees a father describing how his daughter is growing up. He isn’t 100 percent comfortable about it, but he acknowledges that it is time for her to make her own choices in life. Love shines brightly throughout the song.

5. “Drivin’ Around Song” – Colt Ford featuring Jason Aldean

In 2012, Ford released his fourth studio album Declaration of Independence. It had three singles. “Driving’ Around Song’ is the last of those three singles, which reached the number 41 position on the Billboard Hot Country Songs.

It is a song about driving around to have some fun. As a result, it is well-suited for being a commute song. With that said, interested individuals might want to avoid playing it if they are ever stuck in traffic. It seems like the sort of song that could make the wait more aggravating by pumping their desire to get moving.

4. “Young Americans” – Colt Ford featuring Charles Kelley and Josh Kelley

“Young Americans” is another single from 2017’s Love Hope Faith. Once again, it is the lyrics plus Ford’s interpretation of those lyrics that carry it. The song is about teenagers trying to live big in rural America. Somehow, Ford and the Kelley brothers manage to make people nostalgic even if they have never experienced the kind of life the trio sing about.

3. “Bad Day” – Colt Ford featuring Rizzi Myers

Generally speaking, Ford isn’t famous for his vocals. However, he is more capable in this regard than his detractors claim. For proof, look no further than “Bad Day,” which sees him showing surprising range. Subject-wise, the song is about the narrator drowning his sorrow over the end of his relationship after he had decided to give up alcohol.

2. “Crickets” – Colt Ford featuring Jerrod Niemann

“Crickets” is the exact opposite of “Bad Day” in that it is a love song. Specifically, it is a light, carefree song about a perfect night out with one’s lover beneath the stars. “Crickets” is named thus because the couple is out alone with no one other than the eponymous creatures for company.

1. “Back” – Colt Ford featuring Jake Owen

“Back” is the second single from Declaration of Independence, sandwiched between “Answer to No One” and “Drivin’ Around Song.” It met with a similar reception to the latter, being a bit better at a peak of the 41st position on the Billboard Hot Country Songs and the 50th position on the Billboard Country Airplay.

Ford is famous for his unorthodox style of music when compared with other country musicians. There are times when he reminds people that his output has solid roots in that and related genres. “Back” is a superb example of the longing for simpler days that runs throughout so much of country music.

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