The 10 Best Portugal. The Man Songs of All-Time

Portugal. The Man is a rock band that has proven its worth a number of times over the years. As a matter of fact, they have essentially solidified themselves as one of the better groups out there. The group itself consists of a number of individuals who went to the same high school in Alaska and eventually decided to form a rock band.

For the last several years, they have been cutting records and performing in places most high school kids from Alaska probably would never even dream of seeing. If you’ve already heard their music, you know they’re both capable and talented musicians. If you haven’t, you might not know what you’ve been missing out on. Fortunately, their 10 best songs are listed right here so when you have a few minutes, give yourself a chance to listen to some old favorites or some music that might be brand new to you.

10. What, Me Worry? (2022)

Anybody that’s ever spent any significant amount of time listening to this particular group knows that their songs have a tendency to be a bit dark. This one certainly is no exception. As a matter of fact, it centers around that light-hearted feeling that most individuals feel as children. It then takes that feeling and compares it to the infinite number of things that tend to weigh us down as adults, ultimately showcasing how all of these things change a person over time.

9. So Young (2017)

Much like the song in the above paragraph, this is another example of innocence lost. The lyrics in the song talk about someone who is far too young to become cynical and jaded, yet that is precisely what has happened. In fact, the person in the story becomes so jaded that they decide life is no longer worth living because they can’t stand the thought of continuing on in a world where unspeakable things are allowed to happen each and every day. There are also other lyrics in the song that flip things around a bit and allow the storyteller to become part of the problem by adopting a life of violence that mirrors everything that they’ve seen as opposed to standing up against it.

8. Purple Yellow Red and Blue (2013)

The title of this song sounds innocent enough, but the lyrics paint a far different picture. It’s really not so much about the colors in the title as it is about the rest of the lyrics. Those lyrics refer to wanting to be someone else, preferably someone who is born rich or a celebrity that doesn’t have to work a standard day job or worry about how they’re going to pay the bills like so many others. The lyrics also talk about being willing to practically sell one’s own soul in order to get these things. Perhaps at its core, this is a song that reflects the current state of the world and how people seem to be willing to do practically anything to get ahead.

7. Tidal Wave (2017)

Do you ever feel like you’re being completely overwhelmed by whatever is happening in your life at the time? If you have felt that way, then you know what this song is about. It speaks of a title wave, one that encompasses you and envelops you completely, often doing its best to drown you before you can get your head back above water. The lyrics specifically talk about that thing that so many of us do where you act like everything is perfectly fine, showing this practically unbreakable persona to the world. The problem is, you’re often breaking, even shattering on the inside. The wave in the song refers to allowing that type of thing to happen until it completely overtakes every aspect of your personality.

6. Atomic Man (2013)

The lyrics to this song sound like someone who is having some type of identity crisis. That’s because they talk about someone who is literally reading a Bible at the start of their day and then hanging out with people who are referred to as “demons” later on that same day. In reality, the song lyrics are simply about the state of the world and the way that so many people truly act like hypocrites. They might say or do one thing in front of someone and then become an entirely different person behind closed doors. It’s a song about wondering if you ever really know someone or if you only know whatever they want you to see.

5. Keep On (2017)

Here you have lyrics that refer to doubling down and doing whatever it is that you do on a daily basis, even when you know that your time could be better spent elsewhere. Unfortunately, the lyrics also refer to getting into a lot of trouble, both within a social setting and in a legal sense, and often not having the resolve to do anything differently in the future. That means that the song truly speaks to those individuals who feel like they’re pinned down by society and don’t have much of a choice when it comes to their actions or the way they live their lives.

4. Lay Me Back Down (2009)

Most of the lyrics here refer to being so fed up with everything going on in the world that the person in the story is simply done with it all. These lyrics refer to being so overwhelmed by it all that they don’t even remember what they’ve done in the last day or two, much less a few years ago, yet still perfectly remembering the things that happened to them in the past that have put them in this particular position. In short, they’re unhappy with their own lives as well as the state of the world, and they want out through any means necessary.

3. Sea of Air (2013)

The lyrics in this song are a bit odd, to say the least. However, they tell an important story, as they literally refer to finding a sea of air, then getting there and not being able to find anything at all. If you think about it on a deeper level, you’ll realize that the lyrics are referring to one of two things. In one scenario, it could refer to things that are unseen, yet very much present, the types of things that many people tend to ignore in their daily lives. On the other hand, the song could also refer to the way the media feeds people information, often trying to bend the truth and create a certain type of public response, even when there’s nothing worth responding to.

2. Who’s Gonna Stop Me (2020)

This is a tough one. It refers to wondering who will be there to stop a person from doing things that are potentially harmful to themselves and others when they are the only ones they have to rely on. In short, what if you were engaging in some type of harmful behavior and there was no one there to look out for you? Would you have the intestinal fortitude it takes to turn things around on your own or would you simply sink deeper and deeper into something that was never good for you in the first place?

1. Feel It Still (2017)

Believe it or not, this song is actually about the extra responsibility felt when a person has a new baby. The lyrics talk about needing to feed and clothe a child, as well as being there to care for them as they grow up. These are the types of things that most parents stay up all night worrying about, so it only makes sense that someone would eventually write a song about it.

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