The 10 Best Rod Wave Songs of All-Time

Rod Wave is an American singer-songwriter. He has been around since the mid-2010s but rose to prominence in the late 2010s. In that short period, Wave has experienced incredible success, as shown by how he has had five studio albums make it into the Top Ten on the Billboard 200.

Besides this, he has earned a reputation as a pioneer of soul-trap, so it will be interesting to see how his career will proceed from this point forward.

Here is our opinion on the ten best Rod Wave songs released so far:

10. “Fire and Desire”

“Fire and Desire” is a song from Wave’s second studio album, Pray 4 Love. Given this, interested individuals might guess it expresses either love or lust. That isn’t the case. Instead, “Fire and Desire” is more of a meditation on how much Wave’s life has changed. The closest it comes to expressing either love or lust is when Wave expresses disdain for those approaching him in an attempt at getting the money that he prefers safeguarding for his children.

9. “Shooting Star”

“Shooting Star” came out as a non-album single in 2020. Despite this, it is in no way inferior to its counterparts. Indeed, “Shooting Star” has a particularly choice line in which the narrator asks whether life has meaning without the lows.

It is hard to say how we are supposed to interpret it. On the one hand, he says it to someone who had their heart broken by him; on the other hand, he makes it clear that he was wrong. Sometimes, ambiguity arises from confusion. Here, it is a product of complexity.

8. “Dark Conversations”

This song lives up to its name. Interested individuals should know it isn’t about the interaction between two people. Instead, it is more of a self-dialogue. As for the subject, Wave says he sometimes feels like Kurt Cobain, which isn’t the most subtle of statements.

7. “Heart 4 Sale”

“Heart 4 Sale” is one of those songs that most people can relate to. After all, there are people whose romantic relationships go perfectly. However, they are the exceptions rather than the rule. As a result, chances are good the average individual can sympathize with the feeling of wanting nothing to do with the whole business after a bad breakup. That said, the song does acknowledge that this state is temporary. It hurts now. Even so, the narrator will piece his heart back together at some point.

6. “PTSD”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, “PTSD” is about painful experiences that have left permanent reminders in Wave’s life. It is the title track of the mixtape of the same name. The song was never chosen as one of its singles. Despite that, it seems safe to say that “PTSD” played a part in making the mixtape the success it was.

5. “Close Enough to Hurt”

“Close Enough to Hurt” is another song that happens to be very relatable. Those closest to us are also those who can hurt us the most. As a result, it is understandable for people who have suffered wounds of this kind to hesitate in trusting others. That is presumably even truer for Wave than for most people, seeing as how he has the fame and money to make opportunists flock to him.

4. “The Greatest”

“The Greatest” is another single from Pray 4 Love. It did well upon release. For proof, consider its gold certification from the RIAA, meaning it sold more than 500,000 copies. Lyrics-wise, the song focuses on a younger Wave’s mindset. It has a particularly memorable moment when he talks about rejecting a minimum-wage job after getting his high school diploma because he preferred going back to the streets.

3. “Sky Priority”

“Sky Priority” is another song in which Wave reflects on his fears and anxieties. There is a telling line that sees him expressing the idea that death is easy whereas life is hard, which contextualizes much while saying little. This song also went gold in the United States. Something that would be remarkable for most artists but not so much for Wave because he has no shortage of singles that have managed the same.

2. “Street Runner”

Speaking of which, “Street Runner” went platinum, meaning it sold more than 1 million copies in the United States. The world has plenty of love songs. Unfortunately, they often feel fake because they are so well put together even though they describe a process that isn’t. “Street Runner” comes much closer to achieving the sense of authenticity lacking in the overwhelming majority of its counterparts.

The narrator feels messy and muddled enough to sell the idea that he is besotted with the person he is talking about. Despite this, the song is no less enjoyable for it. If anything, it is enhanced by this impression.

1. “Heart on Ice”

“Heart on Ice” is Wave’s breakthrough song. He was making music before its release in 2019. The difference is that “Heart on Ice” went viral on YouTube and TikTok, thus propelling Wave into stardom. Indeed, the song went to the number 25 position on the Billboard Hot 100, which is a remarkable performance for a non-mainstream release.

Sales-wise, it went triple platinum in the United States, which isn’t including its performances in other countries. Thanks to that, “Heart on Ice” remains Wave’s best-selling single. In any case, interested individuals should know the song is very in line with the others on this list.

Heartache is the reason the narrator has chosen to suppress his emotions. It might not be the healthiest response to such things, but it is natural and understandable.

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